Friday, March 7, 2014

V 8 Commercial

Man, I feel like I should be doing a V 8 commercial. I have been drawing lots of lines on little squares to make HSTs. It finally dawns on me---I could have been using Inklingo!

If I were at home, I would've printed the pieces on the white, and then they would be perfect! I wouldn't have to be worried that I was setting the square in exactly the right spot, that I was sewing on the right "line," that things were going to line up. I would know that it was right.

I only used Inklingo on one project, Celtic Solstice, but I was impressed with how easily it went together. I want to do it again and again. I'm like someone who is newly changed. I want to crow from the highest trees to tell everyone.

Granted, the quilt I'm making all these squares for is not one I could have used Inklingo on, since I am away from home. If I had known, I could have printed the squares at home and brought them along. (But I would have forgotten them along with everything else.) Now I'll want to pack a printer along on our Florida jaunts. My kids are already teasing me about bringing an iron. Doesn't everyone take an iron with them on vacation? They do if they're quilters! There's a true test of a quilter--do they bring an iron?

Here I am drawing diagonal lines. How boring! 

Well, slap my forehead. I could have been using Inklingo!



What Comes Next? said...

I've not tried Inklingo, but I am really curious to give it a whirl. Once you get through the boring part you'll get to the fun part and it will soon be forgotten about!

LA Paylor said...

there's always next time
Leeanna Paylor

Lorna McMahon said...

Keep on plugging away! Those hst's are a lot of work.... But sew worth it!