Friday, February 28, 2014

What Color Thread Do You Use?

When you are piecing, say, a scrappy quilt, or at least multi-colored, what color thread do you use? You can't keep changing threads to go with each scrap. For decades, I used Coats and Clarks' off white. Last year I got started using a soft gray. I think it blends in with more fabrics better. Now I really like to use Superior's Bottom Line, but didn't bring any with me. The Bottom Line takes up less room in the seam. I don't have to worry quite so much about the "turn of the cloth" in HSTs.

What do you like?

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Snakes and Snails and...Alligators?

This is the sign that has me worried. My dear one played golf the other day and an alligator sauntered across the fairway. I think I'd give up golf!

My parents drove us to Florida in the early 50s from Michigan. Imagine the clamor of three hot, sweaty kids in the car for all those hours. For a souvenir, you could purchase a baby alligator in a little wooden crate. How we begged! I was just a little girl, 4 or 5, and cute, innocent, and adorable. But my big bad brothers were otherwise, I'm sure. But just think of all those alligators they wanted to take home to swim in the bathtub!


This is what I worked on at quilt club yesterday. All my HSTs turned into pinwheels. Then small HSTs on those corners to soften the angles. I like it. The charm pack is Mirabel from Moda. The colors are soft. I like it a lot.

I wrote that two squares in each charm pack were solid cream, so I couldn't use them. I went to a LQS and they helped me. Turned out I was the only customer there at that time, so I got lots of attention. The fabrics in the bottom picture are the ones they helped me find to complete the quilt. I am very happy with them, and don't think you would ever pick out the "aliens." Ooooh. Alien invaders. Great name for a quilt. But not this one.

Tomorrow we're going sight-seeing.


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Group Sewing

I went to the quilt group today! What fun! I really enjoy being with this group. They are so welcoming, and busy.

Today someone was teaching a paper piecing class. I didn't take part in that, but just doing my own sewing. There were beautiful projects all over the room. I got very involved taking pictures.

This fish is the project they're going to do next. It's raw edge applique with a layer of tulle over it. Looks fantastic.

Barb taught these Izzy purses a couple weeks ago, and someone has been very busy making aa bunch for Christmas presents.

This is all paper-pieced. Aren't the colors to die for? They just POP!

Do you see the roosters on this fabric? Aren't they cute? Or are roosters handsome?

This will be a set of placemats, with a table runner to match. Another one that the colors POP!

And a happy red lap quilt. Very nice corners on it too.


I was working on my melon/creamsicle quilt. Got quite a bit done, but made a couple stupid mistakes. Perhaps I got a little more involved in chatting than sewing?

When they make laws like this, I am SURE to obey the law!


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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sewing Along in the Sunshine

This is what it looks like outside our trailer window:

I don't know what this guy is, but he came to visit us! Trixie doesn't even care. Can you see he has red on his head? They tell me there's an alligator that lives in these lakes too. Don't want to see that.

There are so many Michigan license plates in this RV park.
You can tell that God loves Michigan so much, because he gave everyone a little Michigan map Right Hand Clip Artto carry around with them.

I've been working on the melon/creamsicle-colored quilt. Tomorrow is the quilt group here at the park, so I'll get a lot done.


Monday, February 24, 2014

What Do You Like About Your Iron?

I recently bought a new iron as part of my whole package of things I forgot at home. I bought a Panasonic cordless iron and I really like it! I used them at AQS in Grand Rapids, Michigan last year. They were provided in the classrooms. I was pleased with how much steam it put out, the ease of using a cordless iron, the pointy toe (makes it easier to open seams, or push them where you want them) and the weight.

What do you look for in an iron? What do you like.dislike about the one you have now? When I was looking to buy, I saw Rowenta irons at Joann's, but they didn't have any to buy, just display.  Went to WalMart. they also had some on display that were not available. Is there a run on irons suddenly? Bought this one for about $65. I read an AQS catalog today, and there's "my" iron with a "special" price for members of only  $71.96. I'm sure that's plus shipping.

Well, here's my iron:


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Be Careful What You Wish For

We wanted warm weather. We got WARM weather. Today 85 degrees and humid. At 10 AM! I guess my blood is still too thick (fat?) to be able to stand this. 

There was a thunderstorm forecast for last night, but it didn't happen. Would it have cooled the weather down, or just made it more humid? I'm being such a baby, aren't I? 

I have only been wearing these sandals a few days, and I have sandal tan. It's not like I've been sitting out trying to tan my feet, it's just from walking Trixie about.

Feet are funny looking things, aren't they? Feet and knees. Miraculous in all that they can do, but funny looking. At least in my opinion.


I got working on a new project last night. Bummer, I can't turn this photo. Try to read it sideways, OK?
It;s Dilly Dally by Thimble Blossoms. It takes every piece of 2 charm packs. This is the one I got:

The colors are delicious. I think they look like creamsicles, or melon-colored. Maybe ideas for the quilt name? I'm using cream for the background. The packs came with 2 squares each of solid cream, and I need every square! No contrast. 

So off to the quilt shop. We went to Sandy's Quilt Shop in Punta Gorda, Florida. Very nice people. I happened to be the only customer so late on a Saturday, so they all helped me find 2 fabrics to substitute for the creams. Such service! Very happy. I felt embarrassed that all I needed was 1/4 yard of each. But I'm sure I'll be back. Here are some pictures of the store. I forgot to take pics of the store front tho.

I really like all the colors in a shop. All the fabrics sorted by color. So pretty.


Friday, February 21, 2014

O-Lin-pics---Closing Ceremonies!

The final day has arrived! It is so sad to realize the O-Lin-pics are over for a whole year. Or is it every 4 years? tbd, I guess. The Special Olympics are held yearly, and I'm kinda special. hmmm.

If you were out in the O-Lin-pic stadium, you would see and hear the special songs being sung, and dancers twirling about in the O-Lin-pic arena. See the twinkling lights, and all the athletes (oops, only one athlete) enjoying the special friendships formed in competition. Everywhere, people taking pictures to remember this forever.

The O-Lin-pic mascot, Trixie, is running about, hoping she will be petted. She especially likes people who smell like food. But she will stand still for anyone who will pet her. 

Please pet me!
The O-Lin-pians are leaving the O-Lin-pic Village, taking their dreams and hopes, and in some cases their gold medals, with them. 

The athlete has been happy with her performance overall in this happy competition. She is especially glad there are no hard feelings between competitors here. She is ashamed of her forgetfulness in leaving behind all her supplies at the past venue, but very happy with the replacements that were found for her.

This is what has been achieved at this new venue:

The blues and greens look like a sea scene to me. I was gonna name it Under the Sea, but I've already used that. I'm open to suggestions.

My purchases at Tomorrow's Treasures on Wednesday include these things:

The basket has such nice, bright colors. I guess being here in the sun has made me wanting bright colors. 

Speaking of sun, it sure is nice to be able to take pictures outside without having to don my boots and winter coat. Our winter coats are stashed in the truck for our return to the far north. I have to return in time for my root canal. Not something to look forward to. Bad enough I'm leaving all this sunshine and warmth, but a root canal too.

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

O-Lin-pics Day 7

The athlete and Mr. Athlete  had a exploration on Wednesday of the new O-Lin-pic city. They were on an expedition to find a quilt shop. The GPS, which has a female voice (should I be worried about Mr. Athlete having another woman in his truck?), took us on a misguided visit to some factory. After calling the shop, we found out it is really at most 6 miles from where out O-Lin-pic village is. But we traveled far more than that. We took the scenic route! Got to see factories and other good stuff.

With our drive longer than planned, we stopped here:

 for Mr. Athlete to check some stuff out. I don't think I've been in a Gander Mountain before.

Then on to the quilt shop! (Insert trumpet flourish here.)
Ocala, Florida

There are always such bright colors, so many good ideas. So many ways to spend money... I bought supplies for 2 new projects. 

Mr. Athlete is so patient. He usually walks around the stores, checking to see where things are made. Evidently, a lot of the things we use are made in China. 

I got a new top made, ready for new projects soon!

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

O-Lin-pics Day 6

There is a new sport added to the agenda at the O-Lin-pics---contortion of the body. The athlete has earned her first Gold medal in this endeavor by shaving her legs in the shower in the the trailer! You try shaving in a bathroom only this big!

And the salesman tells you that's a big bathroom! You could almost wash your hands from the toilet. Two birds with one stone?

Mr. Athlete was so kind (and wonderful, and gracious, and great. I think he's reading this.) to suggest I keep a small sewing machine in the camper. So off we went to WalMart and purchased a small Singer. 

It's great for what I'm doing, easy to carry around, basic stitches. I do wish it had a quarter inch foot tho. I will have to search for one. 

I am still enjoying the weather! Of course! Such a big change from a million feet of snow to sunshine and short sleeve shirts! I'm lovin' it. Of course, it does necessitate shaving. Trade offs, I guess.

There was sewing done last night at the little table in the "kitchen" of the trailer. I bought one project when we went to JoAnn's, now I need more. I think there's a trip to a quilt shop in our future.

Next week we'll be heading down to a Ft Myers campground and they have a fantastic quilt group. I'm so looking forward to playing with them again.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

O-Lin-pics Day 5

The O-Lin-pic committee announces a change of venue, due to excessive snow accumulation. The athlete was unable to continue some of her competitions because of limited access.

So the athlete has gone from this:

to this:

The athlete states that she is very happy with this new venue and thanks the O-Lin-pic committee for this "wonderful change."

The athlete further announces a new competition--kicking oneself. The intrepid athlete has to get all new equipment because of leaving her entire collection behind in the former venue. She states she will be going to Joann's, coupons in hand.

These are examples of what the forgetful athlete left behind:


Sunday, February 16, 2014


On February 7 my Beloved and I went shopping. Errands mostly. But the largest city near us is 1 hour away. So that's where we headed. I wanted to hit a quilt shop, Attic Windows. Before we got there tho, there was a traffic accident that held up traffic for a long time. My Beloved was able to maneuver us around the jam and get us back on our way. He has this amazing Map embedded in his brain. I didn't get that optional item when I was born. He can zip thru streets and find his way back to where he wanted to go in the first place. I can't. sigh. Perhaps another difference between men and women?

Anyway, he got me to Attic Windows. I had been there once before, years ago. So it was like an all-new shop to me. What fun. What bright fun fabrics, what great displays. I needed some additions to my pre-cuts to make patterns. Brought my pre-cuts with me (I remembered them!). A very nice employee helped me to find exactly what these quilts need. I love it when they can suggest something, but not make you feel like an idiot if it's not your favorite too.

You'll find a link here from Attic Windows. Go look into the Attic Windows and visit with Caroll. One doesn't often get a chance to peek into attic windows. Usually too high. 

Attic Window Quilt Shop


Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Little Traveling Music, Please

As noted yesterday, this athlete, turned ordinary quilter, has left the premises. She is on her way to Florida! (YAY!)

The athlete (oops, ordinary quilter) will continue to make posts as able. The ordinary quilter has packed up a number of projects to work on while away. I like to quilt in the evenings and feel productive after a day of lolling about in the sun. At least I'm hopeful there will be sun.

Anyone know how to do strikeouts on Blogger? Where you type a word, then cross it out and change the word. As I would have liked to do with "athlete" above. Thanks for any help.

Trixie will be happy not to have her little paws freezing. I bet they feel the cold much more there, than anywhere on their little furry bodies.