Monday, March 31, 2014

Mug Rugs and Triangles, Oh My!

I've joined a Mug Rug Swap from the Quilting Gallery. You too can still join, but only til April 1 at 9 AM. 

Hurry Hurry Hurry. Step Right Up. 

It just sounds like fun to me! See the button on the right sidebar. You are assigned a partner, based on your level of competency, and hers (his). Mailed by May 20 for domestic mail. You can choose if you want an international partner, or stick to domestic. I chose to stick to domestic for my first one.

I downloaded my pattern last night, so I'm ready to go! Waiting to hear who my partner will be. You can see pictures of the mug rugs if you click the button.

In spite of the daffodils trying to poke their way above ground, we still have lots of snow. How long until it's all gone?

I've been cutting out my triangles for the Triangle Quilt Along. I'm using Inklingo to print my triangles. I like the Inklingo system because it prints the seam lines for you. Makes it easier.
 You can just see my Inklingo lines on the wrong side of my purple fabric. (Honest, it's purple.)  That's the way you want them, so they won't show thru your quilt. I am making mine with 13 shades of purple.


Sunday, March 30, 2014

30/30 Quilt Challenge

My update on my 30/30 Quilt Challenge. It only lasts thru the end of the month.

My review of what I was able to get done for myself, is everything I got done, since it is all for myself,

Ribbon Rings is still in pieces

First attempt at McTavishing--sketch book

Dill Dally is a flimsy

Picked fabric for Triangle Quilt Along

Celtic Solstice is together

Next attempt at McTavishing

Celtic Solstice with borders

Third attempt at McTavishing-front

Third attempt at McTavishing-back

We've been home for maybe 3 weeks of the month and I had my Doctors' appointments. 
Not too bad. I have 2 quilts spray basted and ready for the needle. 


Saturday, March 29, 2014


It may be spring?????

There are signs of daffodils trying to sneak thru the snow!!! I'm so excited. There really is light at the end of the tunnel? Usually around Mother's Day, my yard is awash with daffodils! (Note to self, post a picture of daffodil madness.)

My wonderful Mr LQ helped me today to purchase two 6' folding tables to use for basting quilts. I had been using the ping pong tables, but needed help getting them out, setting them up, and replacing them when I was done. These I should be able to handle myself. And we got PVC pipe to make the legs longer, and he cut them. sigh. I believe he's incredibly good to me.

I did a new McTavish sample today. I'm happier with it. Will be posting a picture on Monday for McTavishing Mondays on Amy's Free Motion Adventure.


Friday, March 28, 2014

What a Week!

I have had an eventful week!

On Monday, I went into Grand Rapids (1 hour away) for a recheck on my root canal. He packed it with temporary "stuff" (I think that's the technical name for it) and sent me back to my dentist, warning that the tooth should have a crown within 30 days because it has a crack.

Tuesday, I went to the GYN. Enough said about that.

Wednesday, I went to the dentist. First thing he does is take out the temporary stuff and fill it with an amalgam (silver) filling. When he realized he couldn't get the crown on within 30 days, he called a dentist in town (30 minutes away), and got me an appointment for 7:15 the next morning. I'm retired. I don't get up that early! But I did.

So Thursday I went to the specialist. First thing he does is remove the amalgam! Fits me for a temporary crown, sends me home. During dinner, the crown pops out!

Friday I get to go back and get it glued back in.

Five days this week of doctors!!!


Celtic Solstice has graduated!! It is now a flimsy! (Cue the Pomp and Circumstance music, please.)

 Last night I had to make an emergency trip to Joann's to get enough of the neutral for the first border. I had some, but they were way too light.

The green I had in my stash. Boy, the borders make a huge difference in the quilt, don't they?
The first pic was taken during the day, I wonder if that's why the blues stand out more, or if the change is because of the green border. Have to check tomorrow.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I received a package yesterday! Don't you love the mail? Even though I ordered it, it still is exciting when it comes.
It's a quilt kit from American Quilter's Society for Anniversary Dogwood, by Linda Hahn. The picture in the catalog just got to me.

I thought the colors looked so soft ans sweet. I'm very pleased with the fabrics. Can't wait to get started. But have to put it in the queue.


Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Here is my attempt at McTavishing for the McTavishing link up @ Amy's Free Motion Adventures
Right side

Back side
The right side is an aqua dot, and the back is a solid yellow. I used a green thread, so you can see it on both sides, so you could see my stitching. If I used a matching thread, all you'd get is the texture. I think I have some Wonder Woman hair in it this time. The square is 10 1/2" x 10 1/2". Funny how some of it turns out. I may have to check out Wonder Woman's hair really well sometime.


Monday, March 24, 2014

Miss Seven

Little Miss Seven changed her name to Little Miss Eight! We were at their house today for her special day. What special fun it is to be with our grand daughters. Believe me, they are GRAND!

This is spring time in Michigan. And to think we left the sunshine, and warmth, and palm trees, and flowers, and sunshine, and warmth of Florida to come home to this, and my root canal. It must be true, what everyone says about me. I'm crazy!

I made the 41st block for Celtic Solstice, and can now finish piecing that quilt. Turns out I had most of an extra block already together in pieces and parts. So there was only one small section I had to piece from scratch, then put it together. Woo Hoo!

Now you can see the circles of blue. This quilt is much busier than my usual work. If I had known how many pieces Bonnie Hunter usually has in her quilts, I'm not sure I would have attempted it. I'm glad I did. First working with a mystery quilt, then how many pieces, and I did it using Inklingo. So a lot of new things for me. I definitely went outside my comfort box on this one.

I linked today with Design Wall Mondays @ Patchwork Times and Anything Goes Mondays @ Stitch by Stitch

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Closer to Done

Celtic Solstice went from HERE:


The first is just all Block Ones, the second is Block Ones alternated with Block Twos. Some of the details don't show up since it is just placed on my design board, and the spacing is not right. In person, the "circles" of blue show up really well.

BUT. I made a boo boo. I'm short one block. You do realize what a bummer that is, right? I needed 40 of one block and 41 of the other. I managed to make 40 of each. Guess I can't count that high.

I also need to note that I am in the Triangle Quilt Along (T QAL) and these are the fabrics I am using:


Friday, March 21, 2014

Moving Along

I've gotten more done on Celtic Solstice. I guess it's getting tiring hearing that each day, eh? It has been a long commitment working away on it.
Well, here's a pic of my whole design wall covered in Block Ones.
I think it's going to be a stunning quilt!

I'm anxious to get started with my Triangle Quilt Along. I want to know how big to cut the triangles, I wanna start! But, you know, even if I did know today, I know I would want to get Celtic Solstice to the flimsy stage before I start another project. That's the way I roll.

I'm linking up today with Pretty BobbinsTGIFF @ Sew Fresh QuiltsWhoop Whoop Friday @ Confessions of a Fabric AddictLink a Finish Friday @ Richard and Tanya Quilts, and Fabric Frenzy Friday @ Fort Worth Studio.


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Quilt Club

I went to Quilt Club in my area today. Fun group. Great Show and Tell! Doesn't seeing what someone else has done inspire you?It does me.

Here are some of the pictures of the women and their quilts:

Aren't they beautiful samples? A very talented group.

Then we had a speaker, Mike Kricek. (Sorry, Mike, I can't put in the accent mark.) He does incredible miniatures! I just can't believe how small his pieces are! A big piece to him is over 1/4". Tiny triangles. I think my pictures aren't going to do them justice, because you have to be close to get how small these things are.

One of his quilts might easily have over 2000 pieces in  it!


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Button, button, Who's Got the Button?

I made a button!!!!! Whooo Hoooo! See it in my sidebar? See Trixie looking like she wants loving? She always looks like that.

Amy's Free Motion Quilting recommended this site: Button Generator and it worked!!!! I was so frustrated before. I kept trying different people's tutes and the best I ever got was the picture showing up. Now, I think I've got it!!

Well, Amy's Free Motion Quilting is also the site with the McTavishing that I joined. So I posted my progress. I showed that here on Saturday. It's so hard for me to keep my days straight.

I've been steadily working on Celtic Solstice. But first I had to rip.

 A whole pile of these were put together wrong. So there's a picture of Mr Ripper along with his handi-work. When you get to know him well (as I do), you can just call him Jack. Here are some close-ups of Jack. You'll notice some of the threads he left behind, in the pic too.
The only thing I don't like about Jack, is that there's no place to put his hat while I'm using him. I'm sure I'm going to lose it someday. I like the little rubbery end to help remove threads, and I like the weight of it.


Monday, March 17, 2014

Quilting is the Ultimate!

Can you see all the different quilting patterns on this quilt??? I love how she randomly decided to go from curls to a pattern, to feathers. and then bubbles and feathers to the right. Maybe someday. eh?

I love this magazine. (It's Machine Quilting Unlimited, March/April 2014)  I own a HandiQuilter Sweet 16 sit-down longarm and aspire to be a good quilter someday.


Sunday, March 16, 2014


It's official. Dilly Dally aka melon/creamsicle has now attained the rank of flimsy! Taa Daa!

I tried to get pictures outside, but the wind kinda got the one laying in the snow. But the sunshine on the flimsy looks good, doesn't it? Only in the 20's today, but with the sun shining, it feels so much nicer.

I needed a border and binding fabric. Mr LQ thought brown would bring out the brown in the quilt, but I couldn't find a brown I liked. I think the green sets it off very nicely. Brown might have been too bold for the soft colors in this quilt.

I went to Attic Windows Quilt Shop in Comstock Park and asked for help. Got several gracious people to help me. First Chris, the owner. Then Caroll, who blogs at 
It was so nice to put a face with the blog. And Judy, who was taking a class (so was Caroll). 
I certainly appreciated all their help. I also picked out 13 fabrics for the triangle quilt along. (on my side bar)

Next up is Celtic Solstice. I put one block together.

Now that I have one block together, I can use that as a guide and make a ton more. I have to make 40 of these.


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Feelin' Good

Well, I think I'm over the worst of it all. Crazy lady that I am, I scheduled myself to have an ingrown toenail removed on Thursday! Just so I could tell you I was "hurtin' from head to toe"!

The toe thing went just fine, hardly any bleeding even. And I was a big girl and didn't even cry. But they didn't even offer me a lollipop!

Once the antibiotic started working on me, my tooth pain got better fast. When I woke up this morning, I realized I wasn't in any pain  Woooo Wheeee!


I'm still toying with ideas for setting my Figure 8 quilt. I'm waiting for YOU to respond and tell me how you like it, and which color way should I use. See here and here.

I've joined A Free Motion Quilting Adventure's McTavishing quilt along (, so I got to practicing that today. Just drawing however. I still have Mom's quilt under the Sweet 16, and don't want to change thread and needle to (possibly) screw up my tension.  Here's my first attempt at McTavishing:

 It looks cooler in the picture than when I look at the actual page. The three darkest lines I drew in first, then worked on filling in. Some of the areas are "swoopier" than others. Karen McTavish says think of Superwoman hair. I guess her hair was more controlled that day. But I declare it "not bad" for a first attempt.

I have a sketch book that I use for quilting ideas. I follow Leah Day, and have taken several different Craftsy classes, all of which are represented in my sketch book. And documented who I got the idea from, I might add. In case I want to refer back.

I'm trying out layouts for Dilly Dally, a Thimble Blossoms pattern by Camille Roskelley, with Mirabelle by Fig Tree for Moda. I think this is the layout I'm going to follow. Mr lq was just helping me move blocks around. We agreed that you could do that all day, and it might never really make a difference. So I declare this is THE layout.

 It's a very softly colored collection. In person, the blocks that look washed out in this picture, don't.

I'm not ready to tackle a steak yet, but I'm getting better!

I've been trying to make myself a button, but can't make the html work right for me. I've followed several different tutes, but the best I can do is make the picture appear. This is when you need a teenager in the house. So frustrating.


Friday, March 14, 2014

Not Doing So Well

I'm not doing so well today. I've developed an infection from my root canal. The roof of my mouth is swollen and tender. Dr called in an antibiotic today. Things just didn't feel right, wasn't feeling as well as the day before. I wanted to be sure to call before the Dr closed for the day. I'm sure they have emergency numbers, but takes longer. It was getting pretty painful by the time I got the med. Hope things get moving for the better now.

I'm still playing with this pattern. I have enough to make a queen size quilt of this, so there would be a repeat across of what is on my design board, and 5, um, figure 8's down. The black is sure dark, isn't it? There would be a total of 6 black 8's, out of 80. I need help!!

I linked up today with Pretty Bobbins.


Thursday, March 13, 2014


OK, I need help. Here is the pattern I'm doing.

An here are all my pieces. (Why do I feel like I'm doing "and here is the steeple"?)

Now I have to decide on layout. I could uses two prints of the same color, like this:
Two blues, two yellows.

Or I could use different colors. Yellow and pink, blue and green.

I need help! I've gotten two votes for same colors. What do you think?

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