About Me

I have been quilting more than 20 years. Someone recently reminded me of a quilt I gave them 20 years ago. And that was not my first quilt. My mother taught me to sew when I was in sixth grade. I did hand embroidery, knitting and crocheting, all thanks to my mother. I remember getting a Girl Scout badge for sewing, with my mother's help. In 6th grade I made a dress with a V back. It wasn't very low at all, but my English teacher, Sister Mary Lambert, thought it was immodest. Oh dear! I wore it anyway.

I am a retired Respiratory Therapist. The last years before retiring I worked for an oxygen company, mostly helping people with CPAPs. I loved my job, and the people. Once I decided to retire, I kept moving up the date. It was, well why drive all of the winter? that finally made me set a final date. I am loving retirement!

I have three grand daughters who are the apples of my eye. (Why do we say "eye" instead of "eyes"? I have two eyes.) And we have three kids. I am married 45 years to the best guy in the world. I am one lucky woman!

I am a word freak. I should have been an English teacher. I would've enjoyed that--diagramming sentences (I bet they don't do that anymore), parts of speech (adverbs especially), bot using run-on sentences (like this one). I love word games. When we were kids, we did the Readers' Digest vocabulary words as a family game. So I come by this word thing naturally.

I own a Baby Lock Elegante, which is also an embroidery machine. I'm very happy with this machine. I also own a Handi Quilter Sweet 16 sit-down long arm quilter. I bought that last year, and I'm really enjoying it!

I have a sweet little dog named Trixie.

She's a 9-year-old Shelty, who loves to leave fur all over me. I never travel anywhere without a little bit of Trixie. Always something to remember her by.

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Julie Fukuda said...

I found your blog on Blogger and enjoyed the visit. I looked at all that snow and remembered winters in Ohio (and am a bit glad I am no longer there) I love the picture of Trixie because my last dog was a sheltie much like that and she was the best of the best. (now I live with the shed-champion of the world)Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving.