Wednesday, March 5, 2014

No Reply Bloggers

I'm sure we've all seen the comments about NoReplyBloggers. I found out I was one! I have now repaired that and this is the post I used to do that: Moms Point of View. The steps were simple. She advises that you send a comment to your own blog to test. Well, I got two new comments out of it. Both from me. sigh. Kinda sad when you have to send yourself comments.

We went to a quilt shop in Palmetto, Florida! Quilter's Haven in Palmetto. Very cute shop. Such fine samples on the walls!

I love the Christmas cactus, and the shamrock. The animal quilt is adorable. Can you see?? The blue fabric has manatees all over it. Very cute!

I love visiting other quilt shops. My Heart Throb is very good about it too.


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Amy Johnson said...

You are in my old stomping grounds! But there wasn't a quilt shop in Palmetto when I was growing up in Manatee County, some 20-30 years ago.