Saturday, March 8, 2014

City Girl/Country Life

I'm such a city girl. Our campground in St. Petersburg, Florida was next to a farm, with chickens and goats. I've  always heard talk about roosters crowing in the morning, like an alarm clock. So I thought they only crowed once in the morning to get everybody up, then were quiet the rest of the day. We heard crowing all day long! We're UP already, turn the alarm rooster off!

I grew up in the city of Detroit, when it was a booming city. No roosters there!

We broke camp yesterday to move along on our way home. It was sprinkling when we got started breaking camp but was pouring while we were finishing! We were drenched. I had on a water-resistant jacket, but it did little good. Later we found out there was a tornado warning that morning. You know how tornadoes are attracted to mobile home parks, I wonder if that means RV parks too. (being silly here)

We drove for 2-3 hours and decided to spend the night. It was so good to get out of our wet clothes!

Spent the evening in the camper sewing HSTs. Boring still! I can't wait to get past this part.


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