Saturday, March 15, 2014

Feelin' Good

Well, I think I'm over the worst of it all. Crazy lady that I am, I scheduled myself to have an ingrown toenail removed on Thursday! Just so I could tell you I was "hurtin' from head to toe"!

The toe thing went just fine, hardly any bleeding even. And I was a big girl and didn't even cry. But they didn't even offer me a lollipop!

Once the antibiotic started working on me, my tooth pain got better fast. When I woke up this morning, I realized I wasn't in any pain  Woooo Wheeee!


I'm still toying with ideas for setting my Figure 8 quilt. I'm waiting for YOU to respond and tell me how you like it, and which color way should I use. See here and here.

I've joined A Free Motion Quilting Adventure's McTavishing quilt along (, so I got to practicing that today. Just drawing however. I still have Mom's quilt under the Sweet 16, and don't want to change thread and needle to (possibly) screw up my tension.  Here's my first attempt at McTavishing:

 It looks cooler in the picture than when I look at the actual page. The three darkest lines I drew in first, then worked on filling in. Some of the areas are "swoopier" than others. Karen McTavish says think of Superwoman hair. I guess her hair was more controlled that day. But I declare it "not bad" for a first attempt.

I have a sketch book that I use for quilting ideas. I follow Leah Day, and have taken several different Craftsy classes, all of which are represented in my sketch book. And documented who I got the idea from, I might add. In case I want to refer back.

I'm trying out layouts for Dilly Dally, a Thimble Blossoms pattern by Camille Roskelley, with Mirabelle by Fig Tree for Moda. I think this is the layout I'm going to follow. Mr lq was just helping me move blocks around. We agreed that you could do that all day, and it might never really make a difference. So I declare this is THE layout.

 It's a very softly colored collection. In person, the blocks that look washed out in this picture, don't.

I'm not ready to tackle a steak yet, but I'm getting better!

I've been trying to make myself a button, but can't make the html work right for me. I've followed several different tutes, but the best I can do is make the picture appear. This is when you need a teenager in the house. So frustrating.



Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I can never figure out the computer stuff, thank goodness hubby knows how to do all of that - if he wasn't around I have a feeling my grandson or one of my girls would know how. Love the quilt you show
sounds like two things taken care of you are back to normal now - that is good!

Amy Johnson said...

You should have heard my whining as I was making up my button yesterday! Did you see the link for the "grab my button code generator" in my post? The addy for my blog is by the way.

Glad you're feeling better and you've made a fine start at McTavishing! Thanks for joining in.

lauraluvsloons said...

The sketches look great and you're going to love it when you can try it on your machine. Isn't funny how some health issues still don't slow us down from quilting? Take care and feel better.

Dena said...

Dena from Amy's McT QAL, You have a good start with McTavishing. Sketching is good. I sketch before every quilt project and I love and follow Leah Day too.

Kati from Kati's Quilting said...

Your McTavishing looks absolutely gorgeous! I love the way you were drawing it out on paper. And I also have the Dilly Dally pattern, I love your quilt top!!!