Saturday, July 26, 2014


I got a package from Annie's today. I belong to a club, they send a small kit every month. I've enjoyed the things they've sent so far. This is today's:

It will make a patchwork back pack. Lovely colors, eh? Out of my normal pickings. I like that it is making me do things I wouldn't have chosen myself. Gotta get busy!


Friday, July 25, 2014


Getting stuff in the mail is pretty exciting. (I guess I live a very boring life. I confess.) I received the batiks I ordered. Look at all the gorgeous colors.

I had ordered fat-quarter packs of batiks from Connecting Threads, and they arrived today. For some reason, I'm guessing price, CT sent them by UPS to US mail to our house. Lots of other companies send just by UPS, or just USPS. It took 8-9 calendar days from order to delivery. Seems long when Canton Village got things to me in 2 days. Well, I'm thrilled with the selection and anxious to see how they'll play with Desert Sky. Here is what I have of Desert Sky so far:

This will be the stunningest quilt I've ever made! (What? You don't think that's a word? Huh.)


Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Here are the scraps from my Desert Sky trimmings. They're so colorful!

The first two pictures were taken with flash. I'm so surprised how much flatter they look than with lamp light. So this is a study in scraps and photography.


Monday, July 21, 2014


Boy, did I do a dumb! My Handi Quilter Sweet 16 sit-down long arm. I couldn't put the bobbin in. I tried and tried. I just didn't seem to fit! What happened???? I had just bought pre-wound Glide bobbins and I was so anxious to use them. I finally determined I must have bought the wrong kind. So I wound my own bobbin. IT wouldn't go in either! Now what??

The needle was in the down position. Ugh! Boy, do I feel dumb! Glad I didn't call the manufacturer.


I seem to be out of my deep blue funk now. I just offered to look funk up in the Funk and Wagnalls Dictionary. (anyone else remember that from Rowan and Martin's Laugh In? Showing my age.)

I've been golfing a good bit. Actually, I haven't been golfing good yet. I still stink. But it is good to be outside like that. The ladies I've been golfing with a a fun group. Making some good friends, I think. In fact 4 of us have decided to play in the Rally for the Cure outing in two weeks. For sure, the four of us will have fun. We are all beginners, so it doesn't matter.


I have started on what I think is my most ambitious quilting project yet. I did two blocks from Celtic Solstice. I borrowed heavily from Sew Pretty Quilts for my quilting ideas. I hope she doesn't mind.
Here's my plan, on page protectors, with a water erasable pen:

And here's the first two blocks:

I may add more intense quilting later. We'll see.
I was using a Line Tamer ruler for the straight lines, but decided I can make them easier without the ruler. The Line Tamer is new. It comes with a plastic protector attached. Really time consuming to get the white plastic coating off.


Friday, July 18, 2014


I received my Supernova Block from Pam the other day. Mine is winging its way over to her. Here are our four blocks playing together so nicely.

I'm making the cool colors, and she's making the warm colors. Won't this be stunning? We will have 10 blocks when we're done. I'll probably want more. (I'm so greedy.)


Thursday, July 17, 2014


I told you I would have something to post "soon." Well, here it is. I sewed last night (Tuesday) and today (Wednesday). I got a lot more squares for Desert Sky done. Have a lot more to do, since I want this queen sized. But I'm going to put it away to take to Florida to work on. I have a lot of quilting to do, and I can't do that in Florida, so I better get going!

I see some right in the middle that I have misaligned. Oops!
The colors are in no particular order, and a little haphazardly arranged. I wonder how I managed that. Good thing this is just for Show, and not for Go.

The teacher in the Judy Niemeyer class I took, told us to glue the convex and concave pieces together. This works out quite well. Here are pictures of what I did.

Convex and concave pieces

Pinning the very edges

Laying down  a line of glue just to the seam allowance

Matching the cut edges

And, voila! Stitched together. No creases.
Sharon Schamber has great tutorials on using glue for attaching bindings. She uses Elmer's School Glue however. This is a fabric glue stick. Mine is Fons and Porter. I understand Clover or someone has one also.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014


You probably think I haven't been posting in a while, but the truth is--I was in stealth mode. Sneaking around, reading others' blogs. I was---Invisible!

(Sometimes I think my car must be in stealth mode because people cut in front of me, just like I wasn't even there. They must not be able to see me, right?)

In actuality, I was just down in the dumps for a while. Things are looking up a little now. I just didn't want to do anything--didn't sew even! I've been sewing this evening, so I guess that's a plus.

I took some pictures of my flowers tho:

I think the cone flowers even look interesting before they open!

I'll post very soon about my sewing projects. I do have some to share.

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