Thursday, January 30, 2014

Nice Surprise

Had something kinda interesting happen today. You, know, I've been saying nice things about Inklingo and Linda Franz (the creator), and how much I'm enjoying using Inklingo, and I showed ome of my Inklingo pieces? I sent an email to Linda asking her about the new designs coming out. In her answer, she commented on my pictures on my blog. I had not alerted her that I mentioned her. They must have some system that monitors for "mentions" of their products. 
Here's a pic of fabric coming out of my printer: This is a test strip to check that the ink will wash out. I also use it to check what color I want to print on the next fabric.
You iron freezer paper onto your fabric right side, run it thru your printer so it prints the shapes on the wrong side, then cut apart the shapes into perfectly sized pieces. The seam lines are printed on it too, so you can really SEE where you need to sew, either by machine or by hand. I'm enjoying it!

I had a computer guru here today to make my printers obey. When my husband tells them to do something, they listen, but not to me. Must be a male printer??? But they seem to be scared of me now.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Meaning of Life

Hah! Sucked you in with that title, did I?

I got busy working on Celtic Solstice today. The pattern is written for either a king-sized quilt, or a 72" x 72". Neither size is what I can really use, so Linda Franz of Inklingo helped me determine how many units I need to make it a queen-sized quilt. I need 81 squares, 9 x 9. So I printed extra pieces. 
Here are some of the units I put together. I can't believe how well they go together with Inklingo! As long as I follow directions (lol), they fit just fine.
I'm getting excited to see it moving along. I can't say enough good things about Inklingo.

I also worked on my Superior University lesson. This one was with Razzle Dazzle thread and Annies Soft and Stable batting. I'm looking forward to progressing in these lesson plans. This lesson was mug rugs.

On another note, I got my teeth cleaned today. See how sparkling they are?? I'm smiling at you! Smile back, please. Anyhow, I have to get a root canal. Not looking forward to this one! Sigh...

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I followed Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice Mystery in November and December and fell in love with her results. It was offered in either Inklingo or using various rulers (Tri Recs, etc). I decided I was gonna try something completely new, up for a challenge. So I went for Inklingo. This is a method that prints the lines on fabric so you can make exact pieces easily. I had a learning curve for sure with this. First, my (old) printer did to want to accept thick papers. You iron freezer paper onto your fabric, then send it thru the printer.

This is what it looks like with the lines printed.

Linda Franz, the one who invented Inklingo, mentioned that she uses a Canon printer. So I went and bought a $50 Canon. That worked beautifully. I sent a lot of emails to Linda during my trials and tribulation. She was great about solving things for me. 

Printed my fabrics, cut my pieces and started piecing. Well, I found out I need to be a more careful rotary cutter to take full advantage of her method. I need to use reader glasses to make sure I'm lined up.  But the pieces I cut correctly went together well. 

Then we went away to Florida, so had to wait until we returned to work on the piecing. Then the computer was giving me fits--would not communicate to printer no matter what I did. So frustrating because my husband came and talked to it, and it obeyed! But at least I can start printing again. I need to check how many more sheets I need to print to catch up.

Bonnie Hunter's designs are fantastic! I just LOVE her work. So much so that I ordered all of her books. They came today, so I'm having a Bonnie-fest. Excited to be trying some of her other patterns. She is a scrap quilt queen. What a good idea, to use up some of my stash.

Woo Hoo! Excited to get her books!

I made a bunch of things for Christmas last month. I made fabric boxes, two sizes, and stars to hang on the tree.

                                                                       The little boxes have been especially             popular. Isn't it nice to   give something you       made yourself?

Every Christmas I make my grand daughters some ornaments for their tree. When they eventually move out of Mom's house, they will have a very good start on their own trees. And they'll have something Grandma made just for them--forever!

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Life Goes On

We got another load of snow last night. We had to take the dog to be groomed this morning, so we took the truck. The dog is  an 8 year old Sheltie. She's the sweetest baby. And now she looks all pretty again. But she doesn't really like having her picture taken. When I try, she turns away, and I get great pics of her butt! Now who wants to see that?

I'm sure some people would think what I'm gonna do is an abomination. But no quilt police, right? I have a quilt my Mom embroidered and quilted, probably in the 60's. They used it for many years. Maybe Mom didn't know a lot about hand quilting, maybe? Her knots are on top of the fabric, stitches are pretty big, and they are all broken now. I got the quilt in the 90's perhaps, and I started hand quilting the bad spots. Then I decided it was all bad spots. I don't enjoy hand quilting, so it got put away. I decided to machine quilt it over her lines. That's the part that's abominable (that's easier for me to spell than say). It's going pretty well, and quick. Especially if you consider how long it would take me to hand quilt it. Here's a pic of the quilt:
Mom's Quilt
It's very delicate, the fabric has deteriorated a lot. I certainly won't be able to put it on anyone's bed, but now I won't have to worry about someone just touching it and it falling apart.

More from my work of 2013

Last September I took a Nancy Zieman supported class from a semi LQS. Only semi local cuz it's an hour away. Sure wish we had someplace to just zip over and spend time at. Even Joanns is a half hour away. But there are benefits to living in the boonies. Anyway. The class was 3 days supported by Baby Lock too. They had 3 projects that we each did, using Baby Lock machines. They wanted you to see how great the machines are, and buy one. I didn't. Don't get me wrong, I love my BL Elegante, but don't need another machine. One day we made a bulletin board thing, all using the sergers.

Please notice the twisted binding too. Another day we made a table runner using the Sashiko machine for the "leaf paths" and Texture Magic under the leaves we embroidered on organza.

Then the third day we made purses using the Embellisher machine. Got to add lots of pizzazz to our purses. It was a fun time. 

My husband got my printer to work! I don't know what he did that I didn't try, but now it's printing like a happy little bunny again! How dependent I am upon our modern day conveniences. 

Oh, here's one more pic. I've been complaining about all the snow. Here's our walk way. 

The snow is taller than
the dog! Dad used the snow blower to make her a walk way of her own into the yard.

Looks like a Christmas                                                                       card, doesn't it?                                                                                   I know, it was two pics,
not just one more. oops

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Sunday, January 26, 2014


The very best cup of coffee of the day is always the first one! How satisfying. Smells so good too. I didn't like coffee for a long time, but always enjoyed the smell of coffee being ground at A & P. Remember that? It makes me think of my Mom too. I think A & P is long gone, and there aren't many grocery stores that grind their coffee, so I guess it's just a sweet memory.

For anyone who is wondering why I have a piano coffee cup, I used to play, but badly, sigh.

I have been getting a lot of blog advice today, and been online looking things up. The blogging community is very helpful. So appreciated by me.

Because I was online so much today, I didn't get any real quilting done. I did start working on my Superior University class. You can sign up with them and every month they send a thread and a project. Most of the materials you will need are included. Today I did the basics to get ready and started a mug rug lesson with bobbin work and using Razzle Dazzle Thread by Ricky Tims.
I've never done bobbin work either, so this will be fun.

I've decided I will post some pics of the quilts I got done last year. This was the first year I retired so now I have more time to get things done. 

Last year I took a number of classes. I went to NQA in Columbus, Ohio with my best friend in the world, Pat. Had a great time, but didn't get any finished products from there. Then I went to AQS in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Got a lot of finished products from those classes. Here they are:

Thirty-Nine and Holding

This is Thirty-Nine and Holding, taught by Klaudeen Hansen.And here's a close-up of my quilting. I am still learning on My Sweet 16 Sit-Down Long Arm. But I'm pleased with my feathers for where I am. 
The black is really a lot richer than it looks here. 

Next up is the Crazy Stars quilt, also taught by Klaudeen. She puts on a good class, kept us working, and we got most of the quilt top done that class.

Crazy Stars Quilt
A very bright and happy quilt. 

I truly enjoyed the classes and had a ball touring the vendors' booths. I may have been alone, but was far from lonely.

Two more then I'll be done.

Dramatic Dresden Plate
This is Dramatic Dresden Plate taught by Jane Wells. Fun to put together with all the stripes. Again, we were able to get most of the work done in class. 

Last one, I promise.
 I think this is my favorite, it's Crystal Star, taught by Karen Combs. I love how three dimensional it is. You may have heard about Karen Combs. She had a quilt stolen. Here is a link to her story.
Crystal Star
How awful! You put so much of yourself into these things, and then have them gone in a flash. I guess we have to Beware if we send something to a show, or really, anytime.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Jelly Roll Race

I've been a productive little bunny today. It is really, really nasty out. Roaring winds, forecast of 3-8" snow. So what better thing to do than sew! 

I put borders on the Jelly Roll Race. I had bought a package of fat eighths of the same fabic, thinking I could do something with it for borders. There were only 9 fabrics, at 9" x 21". A Fat Quarter is a quarter yard of fabric, but instead of being cut at 44" x 9", it is cut 18" x 22". Makes it more usable. By the same token, a Fat Eighth is 1/8 yard, but instead of being cut 4.5" x 44", it is 9 x 21.

So anyway, I cut the fat eighths into 4.5" strips and sewed them together to make a nice wide strippy border. I think it needs a darker border too. What do you think? Please post a comment if you have an opinion. Maybe I'm just pretending there are people out there reading this. I will have to look for something to finish it off. But it's essentially finished.

It is bright, isn't it?? This design wall is working out great, by the way. I bought it at the Grand Rapids AQS quilt show in August. It's CherylAnn's Design Wall. It is portable, so I can take it down when we have to use this room. 

Maybe I should record what kins of sewing machine I have? I have a Baby Lock Elegante. I bought it maybe 5 years ago, and really enjoy using it. It has embroidery capabilities too. This summer I purchased a HandiQuilter Sweet Sixteen sit-down long arm quilter. I was able to get a lot of things finally quilted on that, and have great fun using it. I love free machine quilting on it. Not so much just doing straight lines, not as creative. 

I kept a magazine article on using Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets as a recycled batting substitute. I like the idea of using a sheet for the laundry when we're camping that has detergent and fabric softener all in one. So why not save them and re-use them? 

I haven't been able to get my printers to work since before we went to Florida. Very frustrating. I need to call someone now. I did leave a message for the guy at the library,to return my call. I have tried everything I have found on the Kodak sites, computer sites, etc. Nothing is working for me. I'm very grumbly at it.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Christmas is coming!

I got the top for the Christmas quilt finished tonight. Put on the borders, cut the binding. I want to back it with a wintery print. Not explicitly Christmas tho. That has to be a purchase. A lot of this quilt has been from stash. It sorta feels like the quilt is for free that way.

Now I don't have identical fabrics together. Much better. Bob helped me to check that I have good spacing between the repeated fabrics. I'm pleased with this one. I was pretty liberal in my interpretations of "red" and "green." Some of the prints just have red or green in them. But I'm okay with that.

Tomorrow I want to work on the Jelly Roll Race and get that to the point where I can layer it and get it ready for quilting too. I use the ping pong table for spray basting, and it's a pain to get it out and set up, so I want to baste several quits at the same time. I have another one I need to put borders on, then it will be to this point too.

By the way, I promise to never post anything about a quilt or other gift before I give it to the person. So if it's posted, you know it's not for you. heh heh 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Getting a Start on Christmas 1/22/2014

I started on a Christmas quilt for our bed while we were in Florida. Here it is :

This will end up big enough for our Queen size bed. Obviously, I will be moving the squares around so I don't have two identical fabrics next to each other. I made 36 squares, so I have a lot to choose from.

I made this from my stash, 2 winter charm square collections (5" squares), and some new bought fabric, for the stripes you see. This is a variation of a Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I WON! 1/21/2014

I got an email while we were in Florida that I won a drawing I entered. Something exciting. They would be sending me a package. This is what I got when I picked up three weeks worth of mail today:

I also got 2 packages of Superior University from Superior Threads. Each month they send a package of new threads to try out and things to try with them. I'm excited. I was also supposed to get a Junior University package to play with crafts with the grand daughters. But I don't see this package. I'll have to check into this.

Here is a picture of the Jelly Roll Race Quilt I put together while we were away. It needs borders on it. I love precut quilt fabrics. A Jelly Roll is a roll of 20-40 fabrics, all cut 2 1/2" wide and width of fabric  (WOF) long. The rolls that have 40 fabrics obviously make a bigger quilt, so I think they're more fun.

This jelly roll is filled with bright. busy fabrics. It wouldn't be my choice to put these all together like this, but it's nice knowing that they all go together. I like the precuts, because they are usually all from one fabric line, and made to work together.

This is the package of Fat Quarter cuts my husband got me for Christmas:

This will make a marvelous quilt for the bed in the RV. I think almost all RVs are designed with earth colors (another word for dirt??), so these will go perfectly. I need to decide what pattern to use. I have been perusing patterns.

I noticed I made a mistake in the date in yesterday's posting. I can't see how to edit it.

Monday, January 20, 2014

First Post 1/20/2014

I am starting this blog to journal the quilts I make, and other crafts I am involved with, and just other stuff that happens. I may babble on about most anything, but it will mostly be quilts.

We just came home from Florida where they have much warmer weather than we do in Michigan winters. I loved the days we got to bask in the sun. But some nights got down to 39 degrees, so a little chilly. We came home to this:

I really preferred the sunshine.

We stayed in a campground near Ft Myers where there was a very active quilting group. I had a great time with them. They meet twice a week from 10 to 4, so I was able to get a lot done there. In addition, I sewed many evenings in our RV. I got a Jelly Roll RAce top almost done (need borders still), pieced a Hidden Nine Patch variation, worked on Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt.--I used Inklingo for that, for my first time. I really like the method, but find I must be a more accurate cutter to be able to take advantage of the accuracy built into the Inklingo.--I have many more ideas flitting thru my head. I need to make a list of what I want to accomplish for the year.

That's one of the things I hope this blog does for me. Help me stay focused.