Saturday, March 1, 2014

Fish Quilting

Bet you didn't even know fish could quilt!

Well, you were right. They didn't quilt, but the ladies at quilt group here worked on them. They all seemed to be having a good time mixing fabric scraps to make fins, or fish lips, or gills! Some of the choices were inspired.

Grace, who was leading them, worked from Sue Carlson's book  Free-Style Quilts.
 They heaped a pile of scraps on the main table and people had at it. They tried molding the the scraps to the fish parts they were working on. So fins were picked from curved designs, like ferns. Eyes needed a circular design. They fish were gorgeous, and each one so different! I plan on working on this at home. I bought the book from Amazon, so I have a reference.

These two are by Grace, as samples.

These are by everyone else, works in progress:

I should've waited until I could get a picture of the whole school swimming by.

What a fun time!



Marly said...

You're right: they are fun. Thanks for the book tip.

Becky said...


Yarncrafter said...

These are amazing! Each so different and unique! I really did not see the appeal at first when you shared the first sample the other day. But these all together really change my mind. I'm really going to have to try some paper piecing, and some paper appliqué too. This looks like so much fun. Thanks.
Rae (

Peg said...

They look amazing, it's not something I would make but I do think them beautiful. So well put together.

Peg x

Catherine Pritchard said...

That's really clever. I'd love to be 'arty' but I don't think its in me.