Monday, March 10, 2014

Jiggity Jig!

We're home again, home again, jiggity jig!

We got home Sunday night, after a very long drive. Eleven hours in the truck. Eleven long hours. Actually, it isn't so very bad. I'd rather be in the truck a long time, and then home, than spending another night in a motel. When we bring the trailer home, we will drive less, and sight see a little. But when I can truly be home? I'll go home. I used to tease my husband. I said when he can smell home, he would just drive until he got there. So we'd drive straight home from Atlanta for example, all night if necessary. Now I think I'm getting more like him.

So nice to be here. One of the things I notice is the size of things. No tiny economy-sized kitchen. My own big bed. Room to spread out. My own washer and dryer. The best thing is the size of the shower.

You know, compared to this, the shower in the QuiltMobile is tiny! 

Yup, I've named the trailer the QuiltMobile! Makes sense to me. I sew quilts in it all evening when we're away. I'd sew during the day too, but I spread out all over the main room. We would not be able to eat, or even walk thru the room very easily. So I limit myself to evenings.

Michigan has gotten a lot of snow while we were away. I'm not sure who asked for all that, but they could have held off a little. We were met with an impassable driveway. There was a ridge of icy snow from the snow plows on the street. Mr. Lin's Quilts (Mr. lq) had to shovel out the end of the driveway to allow him to get the truck up the drive in four wheel drive! 

Poor Trixie was met with snow piles taller than she is!


Look, here's my Sweetie waiting for me: Anxious to get back to quilting stuff. I have so many flimsies waiting for me now! Should have a lot of finishes to show in the next month.

And here's all my neatly organized projects that were supposed to come with me to Quiltland in the QuiltMobile. (I may have lots of fun with this renaming stuff.)

And Trixie had to get into the picture. But I told you she doesn't like getting her picture taken. See how she looked away?

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Debra said...

Welcome Home! It's always nice to be back home, in your own bed, in your own space - no matter how much we like to roam!