Wednesday, June 11, 2014

No Sew

Today was a No-Sew kinda day. I weeded and planted. We are having some delightful weather, and I have to take advantage of it. Besides, the 4th of July is coming  really fast. We always have a big family gathering here for the 4th, and I want to have all the gardens ready to be inspected. The house has to be clean too. So many responsibilities. It's so hard being an adult!

So this is the garden I worked so hard on:

They actually looked a little perkier before I watered them. Well, they'll re-perk. As long as the deer don't eat them.

Here are my planters on the deck:


Mixed planter


My desk-top computer had been giving me a hard time. Called my friendly computer hero. He showed me all the things the computer had on its drive that I didn't want. How do those bad guys get this stuff on my  computer? There was at least one that had a sub-program called Persistence. So if you remove it, it comes back. Sneaky.

Computer guru called to say he was having a hard time getting one particular piece of software removed from my computer--Gorilla Buy. I guess I could have been making a killing buying and selling gorillas. Who knew? If you ever see GorillaBuy, don't download!

My computer is coming home tomorrow morning. I'll have to have a little party for it. YAY!


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