Friday, June 13, 2014


I finished the work on I (HEART) TO QUILT today. Started quilting it. So far I'm doing ruler work to outline the items in the quilt--the iron, sewing machine, letters and spools. I have to laugh at myself because I hold my breath while I'm doing ruler work. How many think I need to get over that?

This is my sample of Lorna's pattern. See Lorna's blog here to find out about her patterns. This one is done in the colors/fabrics that Lorna picked out for it. I plan on sewing a metallic "needle" in place.

I bought an overlay for my Sweet 16 table to make it easier to use my Tru Stitch stitch regulator. Just got it, and now I'm itching to quilt my Celtic Solstice. I just saw a pic of someone's quilting on theirs, and now I have so many more ideas. 

My gardens are starting to bloom. So fun everyday to see what is in bloom now. 

Not sure what this is. Anyone?

Morning Glories

I told you this would perk up!

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Lorraine said...

The yellow plant looks like a Peony to me. we have pink ones here and they remind me of my childhood.
Great blog by the way.