Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fat Quarter Slide

I got most of the top for Fat Quarter Slide done last night. Have to add borders, then the top will be done. I'll be having lots of flimsies ready for backing, and quilting. Quite the lineup waiting for me. A little depressing.

Here are a couple pictures of Fat Quarter Slilde:

OK, they spent the day in a plastic tub, and got a little wrinkled. Hmmm. Mr LQ gave me this fat quarter bundle for Christmas. The first pic was taken on our bed in the camper, the second hanging at a cabin in the campground we're at tonight, in Corbin, KY. I just love the colors. It was a bundle of all shades of brownish-ness. From several shades of cream to very dark brown. I like all these varieties of brown. This pattern was in Quilter's World magazine, Spring 2014.

Corbin is near the Cumberland Gap, where the pioneers crossed the Cumberland Mountains of Appalachia to get to the west. It must have been daunting! Can you imagine leaving civilization behind--all your family, friends, house, things--to go begin anew in the west? I have moved six times to follow Mr LQ's jobs, but I could still go home again, could call people, letters. I don't know if I would have had enough guts to make a go of it.

The weather here is quite nice. In the 70s. Dogwood in bloom, redbud, dandelions are already in fuzz.

I guess tomorrow I'll have to get a better picture, sorry.

I also worked on my Under the Sea quilt. This one is a pattern from Quilts from Sweet Jane, by Sue Pfau. This one is done with a Jelly Roll of luscious bright batiks. I bought the group to think of Florida. They look like Florida colors to me.

I have the different size cuts in baggies, but I hope you can see the colors!

You can read about my trials and tribulations with the Fat Quarter Slide here. I also posted that day about Under the Sea and the blue jean quilt. You can see that I'm getting to the projects I planned on doing when we left in January. Read about that fiasco here.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

do you hand sew your quilts that you bring in the camper or bring a machine with you? I also hand piece as I find it relaxing and I feel the noise of the machine would be too much in our little camper - I have thought though that next time we travel I might bring my featherweight with me - I'm thinking on it.

Jessica Hadden said...

Love this bold pattern!

Lorna McMahon said...

Love the pops of red in that Fat Quarter Slide. How sweet that your hubby got you the fabrics for Christmas! And those Florida themed fabrics are sure bright and pretty. It's nice to daydream about those who were here before we were and how they lived. It had to be hard. But quilting makes everything better!

Connie said...

You really have some beautiful projects going on Lin!! Of course you know I love the bright batiks :) I can't begin to imagine what it was like to move like that and know you would probably never see your family/friends again. Thanks for sharing.
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Sarah Fredette said...

Ohhh the yellows! I love yellow and fall colors. And don't be depressed by the line up of flimsies! At least they're flimsies - they could still be half finished blocks and random cut pieces. :D They're just waiting there for you until inspiration strikes.