Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all of you, my peeps! hee hee Are you little yellow peeps, or pink ones, or purple ones or...    It used to be there were only yellow peeps. I don't especially like peeps, Except for you guys, of course.

I got working on my blue jean quilt last night. My daughter gave me a ton of jeans,I tore them apart, now I get to make the quilt. I thought I had cut the jeans into 5" squares, but I wasn't so inclined, I guess. So I was cutting squares last night. This would've been easier at home where I have a better height cutting table. Oh well. I can also see I will need more flannel.

So here's how much I got done

 Can you see all those delicious flannels? So soft.

And this is how much I got done. I will to be able to work much longer on this project. I'll cut more squares from jeans, and I have 36 more flannel squares I can use.

Oh, well, I have more projects I can work on!



Maria said...

I'm over from SMW. I love these kind of quilts. I also make one from old jeans and now have another one cut out but ran out of jeans so I'm waiting for more LOLL I love your fabric choices. Here's the link to mine if you'd like to take a look.

Kimberlee Gibson said...

Great idea for using old jeans. I usually use mine to make bags. I can't wait to see your finished quilt.