Wednesday, February 12, 2014

O-Lin-pics Day 2

I think it only appropriate to use the quilts from Sochi as backdrop to the O-Lin-pics. After all, this is about quilting! Those other people competing aren't doing anything with quilting.

I didn't realize at first that the theme at Sochi was quilting patterns. Someone had to show it to me. Now I see that quilting is being used in so much. The Americans' uniforms feature patchwork too. I'll have to watch other countries to see if they are also.

On this, the second day of the famous O-Lin-pics, the sports played were a new category of pressing, cutting and organizing.


The FQs were pressed for the new quilt Fat Quarter Slide.Then there was cutting into pieces as per the directions. These are the directions from Quilters World, Spring 2014.

The judges will be judging by the standards already established by the quilting community, but the athletes have methods to vary the standards by adding new "tricks," just like Shaun White did. The athlete does admit to making a mistake in cutting. She says she cut 4 pieces too small (4.5" instead of 5.5") and there are not big enough pieces left to recut. What to do, what to do. The athlete noticed that the athletes on TV when they make a mistake, according to the announcers, the athletes just smile and make believe they meant to do that. This athlete will try that. But the athlete should be happy to accept a lower medal for this attempt.

The next quilt was also organized. This is Under the Sea from Quilts from Sweet Jane. This is the quilt that will have nice bright Florida colors.


There were also moments of reorganizing today. The athlete had to make a return to Joann's and had to find the receipt. There was success, so the athlete is awarded a Gold Medal for this sport! Yay!

The athlete had to do maintenance on her sporting equipment. The blade needed to be changed in her rotary cutter. This was accomplished by the athlete on her own. She states that the new easy change cutter made this "easy peasy."

The used blade was deposited in this container for easy disposal.


 It should be noted however, that the athlete did not make it to the podium for her medal presentation. When asked later, she replied that she could not find the podium. No one told her where it was. We say, "Well, this is our first year, and many things were not quite ready for the O-Lin-pics. The hotel rooms were still being readied as we all arrived." There were comments about the state of the water also. These are all factors that we hope to have remedied very soon. At least by June. June 2016. After all, we did not have $90 million  to spend. 

The final category in today's events is in the flannel-backed quilt. The 10" squares were cut into 5" squares to be readied for the blue jean squares. This will be a raggy blue jean quilt. The blue jeans will be cut open during the Olympics tonight.


The athlete notes that the weather is perfect for inside jobs, as it has not gotten as high as freezing in many weeks.

Through the sewing room window.


And finally--Where does the astronaut go for a drink?

The space bar, of course!


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Lorna McMahon said...

Ha, ha! This was such an enjoyable read, Lin! I am lovin' your O-Lin-Pic theme! You get a Gold medal from me! So sorry for your demerit point earned in the cutting event.

West Michigan Quilter said...

Great post. I hadn't realized the quilting theme until you pointed it out. Those flags are beautiful. Don't you just love this weather. Your view looks like mine. Love the "space bar". LOL

Tina Craig said...

This athlete has been known to cut pieces too small, with only scraps to spare. The scraps get sewn together to make big enough squares. Usually, when the top is done no one will ever notice.
I can't wait to see how you use that yummy lime green.

Kaelyn Angelfoot said...

Good luck with all your O-Lin-pic events!

Yarncrafter said...

I'm with Tina, did as you did on my first quilt, using expensive fabric, with not enough large enough left to recut I sewed pieces together, then recut the correct size. You really would have to search to find this block. Loving your posts.
Rae (