Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lights Out

Our power was out for a few days. We had to play Pioneer Days, Little House on the Prairie maybe. We had the candles, kerosene lamps, flashlights. Could only work in the daytime. Once it got dark, we jsut sat and read by the flashlights, or I have a light on my Kindle. I'm sure they didn't have Kindles back then.

I really wanted to sew, but couldn't. I got a few things cut, but couldn't do anything with them. So frustrating.

But the power is BACK!!! Came back this morning at 4 AM. Lights go on, the water pump trying to catch up. Nice way to be awakened--to Power!

We've had some days in the 60s with lovely sun. Not today tho. Back to the 40s, and we had this stuff:

Can you see that is snow!!!!!??? This is mid-April. We're not supposed to have snow.

But, on the brighter side...see all my daffodils poking thru the dirt? I love daffs. That area will be just ablaze with daffs soon.

I've started working on my purple triangles for the Triangle Quilt Along today when I could use the sewing machine again. Got the triangles together. I was quite surprised how much it shrunk when sewn together.
There are 12 seams, so that means I lost 6". I understand it logically, but it was different to see it.

I have the pieces together now. Next is to put the rows together. I figure it'll end up being about 36" x 36". A table topper I think.

In this picture, you can see the colors better, and the prints.


You all know I have the HandiQuilter Sweet 16 sit-down long-arm quilter, right? Well, last week I watched the videos by Debby Brown about using the Sweet 16. Very good videos, I recommend them highly.



Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I feel for you loosing your power and it looks colder for you than me - we lost our power for 12 hours but it started in the low 70's and when we woke up it was down to 46 or so that was yesterday - today 32! glad the power was restored when it was.

Micki P said...

your triangle quilt will be great....love all of your purple fabrics. Must be coming from your stash since there isn't many available on quilt shelves.

Sheri said...

I'm doing the TQA also in pinks and brights but I think I will also do a purple one. Glad to see yours is coming along nicely. It looks like beautiful faceted amethysts!