Thursday, April 3, 2014


I have my first finish of the month! Maybe of the year?? I didn't so any quilting while we were gone, so I think it is my first finish of the year. Not much of a record, is it?

The quilt is dancing in the dryer right now. It's got a happy beat.

But I can't show it to you, it's a gift. I will take pictures of it when it comes out of the dryer, and post them soon.

I can show you this quilt that I have also been working on:

I'm quilting it, but I'm having fun with the quilting. I'm making ad lib squares on the top, and filling each square with a different filler stitch. So far, I've done feathers, matchsticks, swirls, meander, meander with leaves. The matchsticks were the painiest! This is good to find out what ones I like doing. I would never want to do a whole lot of matchsticks! The others are freer-flowing, and I can relax more.



Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

it is always exciting to finish a quilt!! nice :)

sewyouquilt2 said...

very nice. and nice to know the quilting stitches that you may want to use again

Vera said...

I like the look of matchstick quilting but I can't imagine to do whole quilt with it either. Thanks for dropping by. I'm not sure if you are aware that you appear as no-reply while you comment. Here is post where you can find how to fix this>