Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spray Basting

I spray basted a couple quilts over the weekend. I had been using the ping pong table to do this, but it was awkward. Table's so wide, had to get help getting it set up, and back into storage. We bought two 6' tables to use instead. We found some that even fold up to be 3' long! This will make them even easier to store. Mr LQ cut PVC pipe to raise the height of the table. We fussed a bit to get them the right height. Perfect!
I can lean over and not get my back sore.

One cool thing about having folding tables is that there is an indentation for the centers, so I can line up the centers of my backing, batting and top easily! Thank you, Mr LQ

What kind of spray do you use? I finished off two cans, and ended up with 505. It seemed toperform better than the Dritz I tried.


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Jasmine said...

Those tables are a great idea! I already have two. I like to use Sullivan's Quilt Basting Spray.