Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mug Rug Swap

I got my partner for the Mug Rug Swap! She's Dianna, from Nevada. We've exchanged emails, and it sounds as if we like the same colors, and seasons. I think that should make it easier to please the other. Of course, that's a big responsibility--making something the other person will like. But she sounds charming, so I'm good.

I better get busy on the mug rugs, since we're going back to Florida soon. We'll get the trailer, and enjoy a leisurely drive back home. Maybe even hit some quilt shops?? I have my projects ready to go, so I can keep busy in the evenings.

I'm using a new (to me) technique to fuse the appliques to the backing. I am enrolled in Superior University (I wonder if I have to get a cap and gown someday?). Every month they send a package with a different thread and technique to use it. It's fun, because I would never buy these threads. So this month's package was fusible thread and monopoly thread. That always makes me think of the game "Monopoly."

So you stitch around your applique tracing, without having cut it our yet. With the fusible thread in the bobbin, and monopoly in the top. Then snip close to the stitching line, carefully. Then place the applique on the design, and fuse. The Superior directions say, "As the fusible thread melts, the upper thread is released. Because MonoPoly is very smooth, you should be able to grab the end and pull it right out." It worked like a charm for me today!

Sorry the Superior University one is sideways. Anyone know how to turn a picture in Blogger?

The fusible thread is called Charlotte's Fusible Web by Charlotte Warr Andersen. Cute name, I think.

Superior University is on the Superior Thread site. I like it.


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Catherine said...

Thanks Lin. Thats a great method for appliqué and new to me.
I always turn my image and resave on my laptop using iPhoto and then upload to Blogger. Not sure it is possible in Blogger itself