Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Why Blog?

In one of the blogs I read, Quilty Habit, Sewing With Certainty, Jessica asks other bloggers to write about WHY they blog. Here's my answers:

  • I started blogging for a digital record of what I accomplish in sewing. I was pretty impressed with my January recap. So now I have pics of everything and can return to find out more about what I made.

  • I'm accountable, but only to myself. But since I'm blogging about the things I make, I do want to keep making new things. It does make it harder when I'm working on a long project, and can't just keep saying, I continued to work on *x* today. That's boring even just to myself.

  • So it's motivating, keeps me plugging along.

  • I like that I'm learning something new. This whole blogging thing is a whole other animal for me! I'm pleased that I'm doing this so well.

  •  I like the sociability of it. There is a whole world of quilters out there. I've had "conversations" with people from Australia, Canada, Wales, and all over the US. That's exciting to me. Maybe I won't get there anytime soon, but my words will. The people who blog are very friendly and helpful. I have asked very "newbie" questions, and gotten wonderful answers. Many bloggers have lists of blog helps on their site. Great resources.
  • This is like a big digital scrapbook. I like that. 

I'm linking up today with Sew Fresh Quilts, and Freshly Pieced.

Sorry no pics today.


Jessica said...

Great post! Thanks for putting yourself and your thoughts out there :) I especially like your last point. All of us quilters have a bit of "scrapbooker" inside of us!

Catherine Pritchard said...

Hi Lin,
Great to read your post. I feel really guilty and a bit under pressure as a new blogger as I have not blogged this week. The thing is nothing has happened worth writing about. I'm still plugging away on my projects and hope to post over the weekend. It has not stopped raining here this last 10 days so I'm not out much. Hopefully I'll finish a project or the sun will come out and I'll have something new to talk about!

Lorna McMahon said...

Thank you, Lin, for taking part in the Sewing With Certainty series! I am so glad to meet you and hope we can become great friends! It is wonderful to read how you feel about being a quilter blogger. And I agree how fascinating it is to meet others from all over the world. I am in Ontario, Canada. Where in the world are you?