Friday, February 21, 2014

O-Lin-pics---Closing Ceremonies!

The final day has arrived! It is so sad to realize the O-Lin-pics are over for a whole year. Or is it every 4 years? tbd, I guess. The Special Olympics are held yearly, and I'm kinda special. hmmm.

If you were out in the O-Lin-pic stadium, you would see and hear the special songs being sung, and dancers twirling about in the O-Lin-pic arena. See the twinkling lights, and all the athletes (oops, only one athlete) enjoying the special friendships formed in competition. Everywhere, people taking pictures to remember this forever.

The O-Lin-pic mascot, Trixie, is running about, hoping she will be petted. She especially likes people who smell like food. But she will stand still for anyone who will pet her. 

Please pet me!
The O-Lin-pians are leaving the O-Lin-pic Village, taking their dreams and hopes, and in some cases their gold medals, with them. 

The athlete has been happy with her performance overall in this happy competition. She is especially glad there are no hard feelings between competitors here. She is ashamed of her forgetfulness in leaving behind all her supplies at the past venue, but very happy with the replacements that were found for her.

This is what has been achieved at this new venue:

The blues and greens look like a sea scene to me. I was gonna name it Under the Sea, but I've already used that. I'm open to suggestions.

My purchases at Tomorrow's Treasures on Wednesday include these things:

The basket has such nice, bright colors. I guess being here in the sun has made me wanting bright colors. 

Speaking of sun, it sure is nice to be able to take pictures outside without having to don my boots and winter coat. Our winter coats are stashed in the truck for our return to the far north. I have to return in time for my root canal. Not something to look forward to. Bad enough I'm leaving all this sunshine and warmth, but a root canal too.

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West Michigan Quilter said...

Wow, what fun to shop and what a nice supply you got in. Enjoy working with them while in that warm weather!