Wednesday, February 19, 2014

O-Lin-pics Day 6

There is a new sport added to the agenda at the O-Lin-pics---contortion of the body. The athlete has earned her first Gold medal in this endeavor by shaving her legs in the shower in the the trailer! You try shaving in a bathroom only this big!

And the salesman tells you that's a big bathroom! You could almost wash your hands from the toilet. Two birds with one stone?

Mr. Athlete was so kind (and wonderful, and gracious, and great. I think he's reading this.) to suggest I keep a small sewing machine in the camper. So off we went to WalMart and purchased a small Singer. 

It's great for what I'm doing, easy to carry around, basic stitches. I do wish it had a quarter inch foot tho. I will have to search for one. 

I am still enjoying the weather! Of course! Such a big change from a million feet of snow to sunshine and short sleeve shirts! I'm lovin' it. Of course, it does necessitate shaving. Trade offs, I guess.

There was sewing done last night at the little table in the "kitchen" of the trailer. I bought one project when we went to JoAnn's, now I need more. I think there's a trip to a quilt shop in our future.

Next week we'll be heading down to a Ft Myers campground and they have a fantastic quilt group. I'm so looking forward to playing with them again.

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Catherine Pritchard said...

That little Singer looks so sweet. I ono have one machine. Its a Brother that my husband bought me last October for a significant birthday but it is a little heavy to take to classes. I could do with a light machine but definitely with a 1/4" foot.
I'm looking after my grandchildren for the half term holidays in Wiltshire but have to go back to Birmingham to look after 3 year old Jacob who has come down with chicken pox. Sewing is on hold!