Monday, February 3, 2014

Sewing Advice from 1949

Goodness! If I had to wait until all my work was done, I'd NEVER get to quilt! Do you have your powder and lipstick on? I wonder, does Chapstick count? I always have that on. I tend to lick my lips a lot when I sew. I guess they wouldn't like it if you shopped in your jammies either.

I have been slogging along, working on my Celtic Solstice. Now, how do YOU pronounce Celtic? Hard c, or soft? I say it with a hard C. I wonder if one is preferred. How about you folks from the UK, what do you say?

Anyway, here are pieces for the Celtic Solstice. I have Clue 1 and 2 finished now. Since I decided to make it bigger, I have to go back and make more. 
Celtic Solstice

I'm so impressed with how well everything goes together using Inklingo! I may still have a few spots that I have to unsew, but not like I would have had I just been sewing. I really like this whole system. I plan on making more things with it after this. On my wish list is a quilt using green pinwheels, and putting them with many different colored solids to see how it changes the "read" of the green. This will be a color study. I plan to make the pinwheels with Inklingo. But how far down the road is that quilt?

The sunset last night was lovely. Just peeking thru the trees at me. 

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