Friday, February 14, 2014

O-Lin-pics Day 4

The athlete had a partial day off yesterday to regroup for the rest of the challenges to come with the O-Lin-pics. The athlete tested herself playing Wii bowling, not even achieving a personal best on this day of non-competitive sport. 

There must be a way of throwing a hook in Wii bowling, isn't there?

The athlete spent time packing up her projects (in the reorganizing category) for travel. She is awarded a Gold medal for this event. 


The athlete announces a change in venue. She will commence a trip to Florida (YAY!). Warm weather here we come!

There was confetti thrown at the parade for the athlete.
The Mr. Athlete plans on cleaning it up. The athlete is just glad for all the adulation from her fans. 

Yesterday I praised Karen from Sew Many Ways for her blogging tips. Today I would like to mention Catherine from ditsygranquilts for introducing me to Slow Bloggers and Blogging Without Obligation. I love the ideas found therein. I will work hard not to feel guilty for the days I miss blogging. Sometimes, Life gets in the way. 
I am not sorry to be leaving this kind of weather:

And, I hope, finding this kind:

Thank you, and Happy Valentines Day,

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Catherine Pritchard said...

No gold medal as the athlete forgot to take her baton (sorry, projects) on the trip! Better luck in 2018