Friday, February 7, 2014

Morning Song

I wake up most mornings with a song in my head. It can be anything. Perhaps I heard the song a week ago, or 5 years ago.
This morning it was, "Brylcream. A little dab will do ya.
Brylcream. You look so debonair.
Brylcream. The gals will all persue ya.
They love to run their fingers thru your hair."

I told you. It makes no sense what song I have in my head. Then I sing it in my head all day. If my husband is lucky, it only stays in my head, I don't start singing it aloud.
Who else remembers some of the old commercials? I can still sing, "I'm the Carnation Cow," and "N*E*S*T*L*E*S Nestles makes the very best. Chocolate."
Some fun memories.

The Olympics are on! I am glued to my TV to watch the Olympics. I get all teary- eyed with some scenes. There's a commercial about Moms watching their kids practicing and practicing and then finally competing, and winning! It gets to me. When I've watched my kids compete in anything, I get all choked up. So proud.

Didn't even get into my sewing room today. We went shopping. Got stuck in a traffic jam caused by an accident. Thank goodness it wasn't us! My husband found a way around the worst of the jam, so we didn't see what happened. But Yay for him finding us a way around. I think he has a compass built into his head. I didn't get one of those. Anyone else?

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