Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Supernova and Exercise. Why do I like one better than the other?

I joined in the Supernova Friendship Swap. You can read all about it Here. It is being hosted by Late Night Quilter and sounds like great fun tome. We joined up with a partner and we will each make 2 identical blocks a month for 5 months, send one of the two to our partner. At the end, we'll each have 10 blocks--5 we made ourselves and 5 our partner made.

My partner is Pam. Turns out she lives about 2 hours away, but I didn't know her. It feels nice to be making new friends. We discussed how we wanted to make our blocks, colors, styles, etc. I've been wanting to work with Kaffe Fassett prints, so we easily decided upon that. Pam will be concentrating on the warm colors, and I get the cool ones. Using gray as our background color.

I ordered my Kaffe's from Canton Village Fabrics. Very quick service. I'm happy. Here are my Kaffe's:

Just look at those beautiful, rich saturated colors!

I also got some shot cottons to add to the Kaffes.

Beautiful, no?

Our background is Kona cotton ash, a light gray.

I've printed off my directions and I'm ready to get started.


I don't like to exercise. I'm a couch potato. I admit it.

Last year, I made myself learn to run. I followed the 8 Weeks to 5K program. It took me more than 8 weeks to be able to run 30 minutes at a time. I struggled. Then came winter, snow, cold, Christmas (not necessarily in that order). I stopped running. So it was 8 weeks (really 12 weeks) to 5K, and then about 0 weeks to couch potato.

I'm confessing this all because I have started back up. Two weeks ago I started walking with the dog every morning, then last week I ran three times. That's what the program recommends. I huffed and puffed. The Big Bad Wolf's got nothing on me! I ran today.

Weird tho. It doesn't make me sleep any better.

I am also taking a golf class for women. Had the first one today. I try too hard. Don't swing so hard, and I hit the ball better. Got to remember this.



purduepam said...

Oh I love your fabrics
Can't wait to see your creations

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I can't run but I do walk - I know they say you get into shape with running but I've heard of too many that get knee injuries or shin splints - I will stick with walking :)

Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl said...

Lovely fabrics. I tried for a few years to jog (I don't think I ever amounted to a run. Ha!), but I found that I really love walking, so I am sticking with that. Looking forward to your supernova progress!!

Chelsea Huckins said...

Those fabrics are going to look great using the Supernova pattern, yay to new friendships there! I just picked up running this year and did the same program, its been a long haul but I am finally running. Good for you to stick with it.