Saturday, May 10, 2014


I had no idea that thread could bleed color too! I used "Coats Machine Quilting and Crafts Multicolor Mercerized Cotton" thread that I had in stash on my batting samples. I love the colors. They popped.

But when I washed them, I had most of them a pale green/aqua color. Rewashed them with a color catcher sheet, and they turned out white. Whew! At least it wasn't a special project for somebody. If I had not been able to get the color out, I wouldn't have been too upset.

My daffodils are wonderful.

I think we finally have spring!



purduepam said...

Hi Lin
I thought I would leave a comment here letting you know I was interested in the supernova swap
I live in kalamazoo mi

Karin @ Leigh Laurel Studios said...

Lovely daffodils! Color catchers are definitely a must. It's amazing what a little sheet can do!

Cheryl said...

Thanks for the info on the thread, I think most people are careful about fabrics, but I had not even thought about thread bleeding.

Barbara Konkle said...

Hey! Visiting from the new group! Thread bleeds!? Oh man! Thank you for the info! I had no idea either! I am addicted to those color catchers though! Those things are life savers!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lin! Nice to know about the bleeding issue. Will avoid this thread. Thanks for your kind words on my blog.


Chelsea Huckins said...

Hi Lin. Thanks for the heads up ... never thought about the thread, or knew it could bleed! All the more reasons for color catchers!