Saturday, May 3, 2014

Flannel and Trixie

I ordered more flannel for the blue jean quilt. I ran out. I thought I had so much. Guess I have way more jean fabric than I thought. Should make this a heavy quilt. At least there won't be any batting, just jeans and flannel. Should ravel pretty well, don't you think? When last I posted about the jean/raggy quilt, I got a message from Mia about the one she made. You can read her post here. I really liked what she did. Mine will have jeans on one side, and flannel on the other.

The new flannels I got are here:

I really like the argyles in the mix. I think this will be a fun quilt!

My baby dog was groomed the other day. She always looks so adorable after she's professionally groomed.

It's amazing I got any shots of her looking at me. She always turns right when the lens is closing. I have great shots of the back of her head, or of her butt.She shines so. I love it!



Maria said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing your quilt finished. Thanks for linking back to me.

Jessica Hadden said...

Love the idea of denim and flannel!