Thursday, May 15, 2014

Nature and EQ7

I have some nature shots today. My daffodils are just so great this year! The whole circle garden is filled with them. In the center is a weeping cherry tree, and it has come into bloom now too. A whole chorus of wonderfulness.

     I received Electric Quilt 7 (EQ7) as a birthday gift. I've never owned any of the EQ's before so I have a learning curve. Luckily for me, the EQ blog, Do You EQ, is having a Jump Start for EQ7 that started last week. Every two weeks, we will have a new lesson and then produce a block.

Here is my first block:

I like to learn by doing something, and have written back up. So this is great. The lessons walk you thru each step, and then you have to do it. I also have the written lesson to refer to.

Next week I go to National Quilt Association's quilt show in Columbus, Ohio. Twenty years ago, or so, I lived in Ohio, and met a like-minded quilter named Pat. We went to a show in Virginia together from there all those years ago. Then our husbands each got transferred to new jobs, and we each left Ohio. We reconnected last year and planned on going to the Columbus show together---after no contact for 15 years! We had such a good time together, just like we had never been apart. So that's who I'll be meeting up with again this year. We've become so close. Such a good thing.



Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

have fun on your quilty trip with an old friend - should be great fun - love all the flowers. my daffodils have been gone for some time now but I did so enjoy them

Tina Craig said...

I just got EQ7, too. I have Macs, so I've been waiting all these years for the Mac version. I've been working my way through the lessons. Under the help menu, there is a link to EQ Lessons. Similar to the jump start, they are click by click instructions.
Have a great time in Ohio. One of my quilts will be there!

Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl said...

How fun to reconnect with a friend! I hope you have a great time together. I have never used EQ; it is nice they offer good support and tutorials!

Chelsea Huckins said...

Great job on the block and learning the program. Everyone is getting EQ7 (insert jealous face). Would you mind sharing your thoughts on the program once you have learned a bit more??

Anonymous said...

--- can't wait to be with you! an old friend

Kitty said...

I would love to try EQ! I'll insert the same jealous face as Chelsea! hah! It is lovely that you will be reconnecting with an old friend. Aren't those the best kinds of friends!?--the ones that no matter how much time passes between visits, spending time together is always comfortable and "just like old times"? I recently moved to Maine from my life-long home in New Jersey, and so I'm really learning who my friends are. We are far, far, apart, but the close friends--when we see each other, we don't miss a beat! Have a great time!

Jenny said...

Thanks for sewing along with us Lin! Your block looks great, and I agree that's it best to learn by actually *doing*. Hop you have a wonderful time in Columbus!
Jenny @ EQ