Thursday, May 29, 2014


Perhaps no one has noticed I haven't been around in a while. I noticed.

I was in Columbus, Ohio, for the National Quilt Association's Show. My BQFF (Best Quilty Friend Forever) and I signed up for several classes. We were notified that one of them cancelled. Unfortunately, I had already bought my fabric. Rather annoying. We couldn't find another class in the same time slot we liked, so we chose to take that time off to see the show. Last year, we did not leave ourselves enough time to see the vendors and quilts. This year we had plenty of time.

NQA usually is the end of June. This year it got changed to Memorial Day weekend. Not a good time for a quilt show. I guess because the dates were changed fairly late in the game, there weren't as many vendors as usual. Very few stores, no batting companies, few people demo-ing new ways to do binding, etc. Their new miracle method of binding. Can be fun to watch.

The machine companies were all there, Superior Threads, YLI threads. I wanted to buy some Hobbs and some Quilter's Dream battings. I saved money! My husband will be happy about that!

A lot of the classed got cancelled because of not having enough people sign up. Pat and I signed up for a quilting class that said "longarm." But made it clear you didn't need a longarm to do the designs she was going to teach. I feel they charged a longarm price for the class. It ended up really being a lecture class, with a longarm machine set up in front, that you could play on if you wanted. Few people did. I learned things, but I think it was drastically misrepresented. I have lodged a complaint. We'll see what happens.

Sorry this is a text only post.

Here's a picture of my dog and one of "my" orioles. If you have orioles in your yard, check if they have jelly breath. If they do, it's one of mine. Send it home.



Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sounds like you didn't have a good experience - sorry your class didn't work out, too bad you had already gotten your fabric! At least I bet you had a good time with your friend.

Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl said...

Sorry to hear that the change in dates caused the show to be less than stellar for you this year. I sure hope you and your BQFF had a great time together anyway! I have an oriole that is around sometimes, but as I'm in CA, I'm guessing it can't have jelly breath. :)

Patch the Giraffe said...

Welcome back ... I totally noticed your absence and was wondering if you were seeking out the origin of color catchers? Great to hear you only got lost at a quilting convention ... what an awesome place to be :)

Catherine said...

Doen't sound like you had much fun apart from catching with your quilty friend. What a disappointment with the classes too. I have only been to one big quilt show so far here in the UK but it was fantastic and I spent far too much even though I was saving on shop prices. I've got 2 classes coming up in June; a trapunto class and a quilt as you go. Can't wait. Hope you are keeping well X