Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Meaning of Life

Hah! Sucked you in with that title, did I?

I got busy working on Celtic Solstice today. The pattern is written for either a king-sized quilt, or a 72" x 72". Neither size is what I can really use, so Linda Franz of Inklingo helped me determine how many units I need to make it a queen-sized quilt. I need 81 squares, 9 x 9. So I printed extra pieces. 
Here are some of the units I put together. I can't believe how well they go together with Inklingo! As long as I follow directions (lol), they fit just fine.
I'm getting excited to see it moving along. I can't say enough good things about Inklingo.

I also worked on my Superior University lesson. This one was with Razzle Dazzle thread and Annies Soft and Stable batting. I'm looking forward to progressing in these lesson plans. This lesson was mug rugs.

On another note, I got my teeth cleaned today. See how sparkling they are?? I'm smiling at you! Smile back, please. Anyhow, I have to get a root canal. Not looking forward to this one! Sigh...

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Dasha said...

Oh dear! Root canal therapy! I had that early last year, and then had to have the tooth out anyway and a crown fitted. One very expensive tooth. Hope all goes well for you.

Quilt Musings said...

Yup, it worked, you sucked me in! haha I love the celtic solstice quilts I have seen around blog land. . . I just don't know if I have it in me to do it!! OK, I know, I don't!! :)

Peg said...

I love your colours the blocks look great. Root canal ooooo sympathise I won't have them now I'd rather have the tooth out. Hope all goes wel for you.
I'm popping in from the link up from Lily quilts.
Peg x

Barbara said...

I saw what you did there with that title. Very clever of you. It was worth it to see your lovely work. Oy root canal. Had my share of those.

carolegoldquilts said...

Stopping in from the Small Blog Meet to say hello. I like your tag line at the top...but now I want chocolate! Good luck with your tooth.
Carole, from Fresh off the Frame

Donna said...

Don't you just love friends who can (and will) resize patterns for you? I do. They are the best. Love your blocks. This will make a stunning quilt.

Marly said...

Good luck with Celtic Solstice. I'm glad you got your fabric printed; I'm sure it makes the sewing a whole lot easier.

Gemma@prettybobbins said...

I hope your dental work goes well! Cute coasters :) thanks for linking up!!

Rachel said...

What fun coasters! I like how they each have their own quilted design