Monday, January 27, 2014

Life Goes On

We got another load of snow last night. We had to take the dog to be groomed this morning, so we took the truck. The dog is  an 8 year old Sheltie. She's the sweetest baby. And now she looks all pretty again. But she doesn't really like having her picture taken. When I try, she turns away, and I get great pics of her butt! Now who wants to see that?

I'm sure some people would think what I'm gonna do is an abomination. But no quilt police, right? I have a quilt my Mom embroidered and quilted, probably in the 60's. They used it for many years. Maybe Mom didn't know a lot about hand quilting, maybe? Her knots are on top of the fabric, stitches are pretty big, and they are all broken now. I got the quilt in the 90's perhaps, and I started hand quilting the bad spots. Then I decided it was all bad spots. I don't enjoy hand quilting, so it got put away. I decided to machine quilt it over her lines. That's the part that's abominable (that's easier for me to spell than say). It's going pretty well, and quick. Especially if you consider how long it would take me to hand quilt it. Here's a pic of the quilt:
Mom's Quilt
It's very delicate, the fabric has deteriorated a lot. I certainly won't be able to put it on anyone's bed, but now I won't have to worry about someone just touching it and it falling apart.

More from my work of 2013

Last September I took a Nancy Zieman supported class from a semi LQS. Only semi local cuz it's an hour away. Sure wish we had someplace to just zip over and spend time at. Even Joanns is a half hour away. But there are benefits to living in the boonies. Anyway. The class was 3 days supported by Baby Lock too. They had 3 projects that we each did, using Baby Lock machines. They wanted you to see how great the machines are, and buy one. I didn't. Don't get me wrong, I love my BL Elegante, but don't need another machine. One day we made a bulletin board thing, all using the sergers.

Please notice the twisted binding too. Another day we made a table runner using the Sashiko machine for the "leaf paths" and Texture Magic under the leaves we embroidered on organza.

Then the third day we made purses using the Embellisher machine. Got to add lots of pizzazz to our purses. It was a fun time. 

My husband got my printer to work! I don't know what he did that I didn't try, but now it's printing like a happy little bunny again! How dependent I am upon our modern day conveniences. 

Oh, here's one more pic. I've been complaining about all the snow. Here's our walk way. 

The snow is taller than
the dog! Dad used the snow blower to make her a walk way of her own into the yard.

Looks like a Christmas                                                                       card, doesn't it?                                                                                   I know, it was two pics,
not just one more. oops

I'm linking today to Stitch by stitch Anything Goes.

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