Thursday, January 23, 2014

Christmas is coming!

I got the top for the Christmas quilt finished tonight. Put on the borders, cut the binding. I want to back it with a wintery print. Not explicitly Christmas tho. That has to be a purchase. A lot of this quilt has been from stash. It sorta feels like the quilt is for free that way.

Now I don't have identical fabrics together. Much better. Bob helped me to check that I have good spacing between the repeated fabrics. I'm pleased with this one. I was pretty liberal in my interpretations of "red" and "green." Some of the prints just have red or green in them. But I'm okay with that.

Tomorrow I want to work on the Jelly Roll Race and get that to the point where I can layer it and get it ready for quilting too. I use the ping pong table for spray basting, and it's a pain to get it out and set up, so I want to baste several quits at the same time. I have another one I need to put borders on, then it will be to this point too.

By the way, I promise to never post anything about a quilt or other gift before I give it to the person. So if it's posted, you know it's not for you. heh heh 

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