Friday, January 24, 2014

Jelly Roll Race

I've been a productive little bunny today. It is really, really nasty out. Roaring winds, forecast of 3-8" snow. So what better thing to do than sew! 

I put borders on the Jelly Roll Race. I had bought a package of fat eighths of the same fabic, thinking I could do something with it for borders. There were only 9 fabrics, at 9" x 21". A Fat Quarter is a quarter yard of fabric, but instead of being cut at 44" x 9", it is cut 18" x 22". Makes it more usable. By the same token, a Fat Eighth is 1/8 yard, but instead of being cut 4.5" x 44", it is 9 x 21.

So anyway, I cut the fat eighths into 4.5" strips and sewed them together to make a nice wide strippy border. I think it needs a darker border too. What do you think? Please post a comment if you have an opinion. Maybe I'm just pretending there are people out there reading this. I will have to look for something to finish it off. But it's essentially finished.

It is bright, isn't it?? This design wall is working out great, by the way. I bought it at the Grand Rapids AQS quilt show in August. It's CherylAnn's Design Wall. It is portable, so I can take it down when we have to use this room. 

Maybe I should record what kins of sewing machine I have? I have a Baby Lock Elegante. I bought it maybe 5 years ago, and really enjoy using it. It has embroidery capabilities too. This summer I purchased a HandiQuilter Sweet Sixteen sit-down long arm quilter. I was able to get a lot of things finally quilted on that, and have great fun using it. I love free machine quilting on it. Not so much just doing straight lines, not as creative. 

I kept a magazine article on using Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets as a recycled batting substitute. I like the idea of using a sheet for the laundry when we're camping that has detergent and fabric softener all in one. So why not save them and re-use them? 

I haven't been able to get my printers to work since before we went to Florida. Very frustrating. I need to call someone now. I did leave a message for the guy at the library,to return my call. I have tried everything I have found on the Kodak sites, computer sites, etc. Nothing is working for me. I'm very grumbly at it.


Quilt Musings said...

Hi Lin! I found your blog while I was skipping through blog land this morning :) Welcome! I am new to blog land as well (started about a month ago). It has been an amazing experience so far! Your JRR top looks great! Love the colors!

Chantal said...

Hi Lin
Welcome to blogging. It has been so much fun. I will tell you that it has taken three years for me to get the things onto my blog that I have. Most of them are gadgets. You go to your layout and you can click a gadget icon and then make a selection from the list given. I only recently, with the help of my son found out how to add a button to my sidebar. I was determined to get the Grow Your Blog button to appear.
Your Jelly Roll Race is pretty. I would just bind it in the darkest color that you have in the jelly roll - or as close as you could get. I think it would frame it out nicely. If you want to increase the size then by all means add a border.