Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I WON! 1/21/2014

I got an email while we were in Florida that I won a drawing I entered. Something exciting. They would be sending me a package. This is what I got when I picked up three weeks worth of mail today:

I also got 2 packages of Superior University from Superior Threads. Each month they send a package of new threads to try out and things to try with them. I'm excited. I was also supposed to get a Junior University package to play with crafts with the grand daughters. But I don't see this package. I'll have to check into this.

Here is a picture of the Jelly Roll Race Quilt I put together while we were away. It needs borders on it. I love precut quilt fabrics. A Jelly Roll is a roll of 20-40 fabrics, all cut 2 1/2" wide and width of fabric  (WOF) long. The rolls that have 40 fabrics obviously make a bigger quilt, so I think they're more fun.

This jelly roll is filled with bright. busy fabrics. It wouldn't be my choice to put these all together like this, but it's nice knowing that they all go together. I like the precuts, because they are usually all from one fabric line, and made to work together.

This is the package of Fat Quarter cuts my husband got me for Christmas:

This will make a marvelous quilt for the bed in the RV. I think almost all RVs are designed with earth colors (another word for dirt??), so these will go perfectly. I need to decide what pattern to use. I have been perusing patterns.

I noticed I made a mistake in the date in yesterday's posting. I can't see how to edit it.


Lin Marsh said...

Hey! I was able to edit it! Guess I'm smarter than I thought.

Cat said...

I've seen a camper with white upholstery and floor. I think the designer doesn't actually camp.