Sunday, January 26, 2014


The very best cup of coffee of the day is always the first one! How satisfying. Smells so good too. I didn't like coffee for a long time, but always enjoyed the smell of coffee being ground at A & P. Remember that? It makes me think of my Mom too. I think A & P is long gone, and there aren't many grocery stores that grind their coffee, so I guess it's just a sweet memory.

For anyone who is wondering why I have a piano coffee cup, I used to play, but badly, sigh.

I have been getting a lot of blog advice today, and been online looking things up. The blogging community is very helpful. So appreciated by me.

Because I was online so much today, I didn't get any real quilting done. I did start working on my Superior University class. You can sign up with them and every month they send a thread and a project. Most of the materials you will need are included. Today I did the basics to get ready and started a mug rug lesson with bobbin work and using Razzle Dazzle Thread by Ricky Tims.
I've never done bobbin work either, so this will be fun.

I've decided I will post some pics of the quilts I got done last year. This was the first year I retired so now I have more time to get things done. 

Last year I took a number of classes. I went to NQA in Columbus, Ohio with my best friend in the world, Pat. Had a great time, but didn't get any finished products from there. Then I went to AQS in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Got a lot of finished products from those classes. Here they are:

Thirty-Nine and Holding

This is Thirty-Nine and Holding, taught by Klaudeen Hansen.And here's a close-up of my quilting. I am still learning on My Sweet 16 Sit-Down Long Arm. But I'm pleased with my feathers for where I am. 
The black is really a lot richer than it looks here. 

Next up is the Crazy Stars quilt, also taught by Klaudeen. She puts on a good class, kept us working, and we got most of the quilt top done that class.

Crazy Stars Quilt
A very bright and happy quilt. 

I truly enjoyed the classes and had a ball touring the vendors' booths. I may have been alone, but was far from lonely.

Two more then I'll be done.

Dramatic Dresden Plate
This is Dramatic Dresden Plate taught by Jane Wells. Fun to put together with all the stripes. Again, we were able to get most of the work done in class. 

Last one, I promise.
 I think this is my favorite, it's Crystal Star, taught by Karen Combs. I love how three dimensional it is. You may have heard about Karen Combs. She had a quilt stolen. Here is a link to her story.
Crystal Star
How awful! You put so much of yourself into these things, and then have them gone in a flash. I guess we have to Beware if we send something to a show, or really, anytime.

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Catherine Pritchard said...

Hi Lin,
I'm visiting from the GYB party. Thank you for commenting on my post. I hope you managed to find the links to follow me too! Wow, I'm your first follower and I hope the first of many. You are much further along your quilting journey than I am and I hope to learn so much from the blogs I subscribe too. Maybe I can teach you a little about life here in Wales, UK if not about crafting