Thursday, January 30, 2014

Nice Surprise

Had something kinda interesting happen today. You, know, I've been saying nice things about Inklingo and Linda Franz (the creator), and how much I'm enjoying using Inklingo, and I showed ome of my Inklingo pieces? I sent an email to Linda asking her about the new designs coming out. In her answer, she commented on my pictures on my blog. I had not alerted her that I mentioned her. They must have some system that monitors for "mentions" of their products. 
Here's a pic of fabric coming out of my printer: This is a test strip to check that the ink will wash out. I also use it to check what color I want to print on the next fabric.
You iron freezer paper onto your fabric right side, run it thru your printer so it prints the shapes on the wrong side, then cut apart the shapes into perfectly sized pieces. The seam lines are printed on it too, so you can really SEE where you need to sew, either by machine or by hand. I'm enjoying it!

I had a computer guru here today to make my printers obey. When my husband tells them to do something, they listen, but not to me. Must be a male printer??? But they seem to be scared of me now.

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Quilt Musings said...

My computer listens to male voices better than mine :) Scared is good, scared straight LOL