Sunday, February 15, 2015


The laundry room still isn't finished. sigh...

Mr LQ put in the new cupboards and they are great. So much more room! I had such a good time finding new homes for all our things. They all seem happy, and they have been playing nice. I will let them be for a while, and then decide if anything has to move.

They took the dryer away to have the new part applied, and haven't brought it back yet. We went to Lowes today and asked. The appliance guy is there on Tuesdays, so he should be taking care of it then, and we should have the dryer on Wednesday. I've been washing our underwear and having it dry all over our bedroom. We have two full clothes baskets of other clothes waiting to be washed. Running low on other clothes, y'know? I have washed jeans and dried them on the shower curtain rods.


In other news, I have completed January's Bee block and sent that off to Christina. I found it interesting to do. Blue is my favorite color, so I had a lot of blue to pick from. She had requested "cobalt or true blue," grays, black and white. Here are my blocks. Christina also requested we press our seams open. I've discovered I do a better job pressing to one side--maybe because I'm used to it?

Yeah, I know it is February. But it remains that I just got January's blocks done. Now on to February's. Also a request for blues. I sure don't see any difference in my blue stash.

My geese were not well-trained. They kept flying in different directions. I had to keep bringing them back to the barn for more lessons. Finally got them to behave.

Christina's directions called for making the geese with HSTs, making them too big and cutting them down. It does make for exact fitting pieces.

I am merrily quilting Fat Quarter Slide. It is getting harder for me to think of patterns I want to quilt each of these blocks, without making dense quilting. I don't want to change the hand of this batting. I've decided I just don't need to quilt the snot out of a quilt. Leave that for the show quilts. I wonder if those uber quilters would quilt a quilt for their bed that heavily. Yeah, I love the look, but not the feel. Give me suppleness any day. 

I've also got a new flimsy ready, and it's friend almost ready. Pictures to come.



Catherine said...

Why should it be so difficult to buy a machine that works? Poor you.
I would have had an awful time with the blue blocks as I have so little in my stash but that may be about to change as I am thinking about doing an appliqué BOM called Oma's Blue.
Have a restful Sunday.

Judy@Quilt Paradigm said...

Who knew that buying a new dryer could turn into such a saga??? Fingers crossed that you are all good by Wed and those clothes baskets are filled with clean clothes instead of dirty!!

Love your blue blocks!! Beautifully done :)

I have been quilting the snot out of everything lately. . . You know I am addicted to wool batting. It stays soft even though it is quilted densely - part of the reason I like it so much. Yeah, more expensive but I think it is totally worth it :)

Anonymous said...

I really like the blue blocks. So different for you. Do I hear Florida calling your name?

Julie Fukuda said...

Love the blocks ... but pressing the seams open?? Oh my...

Cheryl said...

I like your versions of the January blocks. Those blocks took me a long time with all of the flying geese and such.