Sunday, February 1, 2015


We're involved in remodeling our laundry room. It is a tiny room, about 6' x 11', with five doors in it. The laundry tub limits the swing of the dryer door. So the laundry tub is going downstairs to the basement. I use it for washing the dog, coloring my hair, washing paint brushes and filling buckets to wash the floor. All except the last, I can easily do downstairs.

We've been in this house 15 years. The vinyl floor is curling at the door ways, and is stained. That will be replaced with new vinyl on Tuesday. The washer and dryer will come on Wednesday. The plumber will be here on Monday to cap the pipes. Between now and then, I want to paint the room. It's my first good chance to do so. Better get busy!!

The washer is a top loader, with a  huge tub. It's so sad that a new washer makes me this happy. Does this mean I'm a grown up? Or that I lead an incredibly boring life?



Cheryl said...

It does not mean that you are boring at all. I am also redoing the floor of our laundry room, we are installing tile that looks like wood, in our hall bath, laundry room, and hallway. I got excited picking grout colors so I hope that does not mean that I boring :)

Julie Fukuda said...

Well, it sounds great to me. My washer covers all but six inches of my upstairs doorway. Obviously that door doesn't get a lot of use. A real laundry room of any size and condition sounds like a dream.

Mary Bolton said...

My family relocated in November. I was sad to leave behind a stacked washer/dryer unit (8 years old) very nice use of space, and my clothes line! The new place has a High Efficency pair. Come Spring, I will find a new place for the clothes line. Need to hang the quilts for photos. Slowly turning into my Grandmother!