Thursday, February 5, 2015


You should hear that "arggghhhh" as Charlie Brown night groan when Lucy pulls away the football yet again.

The remodel is going slowly. See here to check out the remodel.

We bought new washer and dryer. The store made arrangements to deliver them on Wednesday (today). Good.

We made plans with a local flooring store to install vinyl floor on Tuesday, the soonest they could do it. Good.

Floor store told us installer would be here about 9:30 AM. Good.

Installer didn't arrive til almost 11. Not good. He spread a coat of leveller (or something to level out the floor's low points). It didn't dry for hours. He thought it should be dry in 45 minutes. 4 hours later, still too wet to continue. Not good.

Washer/dryer supposed to be delivered in morning. Floor guy made arrangements to come back early Wednesday morning, told washer guys after 11.
Not great.

Floor guy finished at 10:45 Wednesday morning. Washer guys come 11:10. Whew. Good.

Dryer vent is in our floor, not wall. They can't attach it, needs a special piece. I got on the phone with the store, he said accept the dryer, they'll bring over the attachment later today. Store called back. They don't have the piece in stock. 3-5 days. Not good.

Then they called back again, said they'll bring the dryer to the store and have an appliance person put the attachment on. OK.

So now I have a brand spanking new washer, and no way to dry clothes. Want to talk about frustrated??

I've spent a couple days in a funk. Seems we move one step ahead and three backwards.

I did wash a load tonight and have it hanging all over. You need underwear!

Not good to sew while I'm annoyed, so no sewing has been done lately.



Julie Fukuda said...

Ha Ha, it's called "life"... or, "my mother told me there would be times like this". Too bad you live so far away, I hang everything ... no dryer ... in my Bedroom/greenhouse.

purduepam said...

Thats why God invented laudromats :D. They are always available for emergency underwear cleaning.

purduepam said...

Obviously I can't spell.

Catherine said...

How frustrating for you. I hope by now it is all finished and you have washed (and dried) your smalls!