Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy Day to Me!

January 3 is the anniversary of the day I met the young man who would become my husband. I was 15, he 17. We were at a soc hop at his all-boys parochial school.

He was so romantic. He walked over to me and said,"Would you like to dance?" I was completely blown away, and said, "Yes." Ahh. True love blooms.

We dated for 5 years, then married. We have now been married 45 1/2 years.  So we have known each other for 51 years!

How did you meet your husbands/ significant others?

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Catherine said...

Hi Lin,
Congratulations. It is wonderful to hear about such a long and loving relationship. I met Mike at a conference dinner in a castle outside Barcelona. He was standing alone by a huge stone pillar so I invited hime to join our table. We found we had so much in common. The rest is history. We have been married 17 years now. Although he is husband no.3 he is also husband (the last)!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You know you are doing something right to have all those years and still counting. You both are special people. BQB in AR

Julie Fukuda said...

I met my husband in my own back yard ... my twin brother brought him home on spring break from college where they were fraternity brothers. We corresponded for three years and decided to get married and save the postage. I got the world's best mother in the deal and we have been married for 52 years and blessed with six of the best kids in the world.