Monday, January 19, 2015

First 2015 Finish!!

I have my first 2015 finish! Happy Dance.

Image result for snoopy dance image

Snoopy's dance always looks so happy! That's how I feel when I achieve a finish. My daughter was here from Ohio this week end, and I got her approval on Grand Illusion too.

Snow is good for something. The colors look so vibrant next to the pure whiteness of the snow.

I made swirly "flowers" all over this quilt. It's so busy, I didn't think quilting would show.

Here's the backing: (the colors match the front so well)

In all its crinkly goodness. This one was quilted with Quilters' Dream. First time using that. Haven't tried sleeping under it yet, so I haven't fully tested it yet.



Ruth said...

That bicycle print on back is perfect for it. Gorgeous!

purduepam said...

I love the bicycle print on the back.
Congrats on the finish.

Julie Fukuda said...

Congratulations. What a great way to start out the year.

Patch the Giraffe said...

I like it! Love the backing too! Super cute. What a great start to the year!