Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Fat Quarter Slide

I'm working on a UFO from last year, Fat Quarter Slide. Last Christmas, Mr. LQ gave me a fat quarter bundle (thanks, dear) and I made Fat Quarter Slide. My plan is to use this in the trailer. It seems to me all trailers are decorated in "earth tones." I think this is just another way to say dirt colors. Since this fat quarter bundle is all tan to brown, I thought it would be perfect!

I put on borders today, that I found in my project box, already cut and ready to go. I want to add another border to bring it up to camping bed size. Trailer queen sized mattresses are not the same size as our beds at home. They are smaller. This makes sense, to accommodate smaller living spaces, but don't try to tell me they're the same (our salesman did tell me that).

Here's the quilt without the third border:

But complete with little threads all over it!

Here's the third border, not yet attached:

The stripes are the perfect color. I will back it with flannel, so it isn't so apt to slide off the bed. Ironic, eh? The name of the pattern is Fat Quarter Slide, but I don't want it to slide. teehee



Beth @ Cooking Up Quilts said...

That striped border is going to be a great addition, and backing it in flannel will make it so cozy on cool nights. Looks like it will be a great quilt for your camper!

gram k said...

Love the striped border on this!