Sunday, July 6, 2014


Because I decided to make my Judy Niemeyer Desert Sky quilt larger than the pattern I used at the NQA class, I needed more batiks. DUH, right?

I really wanted to go to a LQS and pet some batiks to make sure I liked them. Quilt shops are not local here. So I had to order online. The pattern is written to use fat quarters. Shops didn't sell fat quarters of chosen fabrics, only packets they had made up. I needed high contrast, 6 of lights and 6 darks. I was running into difficulty.

I saw beautiful batiks at Canton Village Quiltworks, so I sent an email asking if they could accommodate me. Jackie responded that they did not cut fat quarters to order, because they would have an odd packet left. However she worked with me, and they picked out beautifully contrasting batiks for me and sent them off.

Such fast--lightning-fast, service. Here in two days! I'm so impressed!

Aren't they awesome?? Now I can't wait to get working with them. And to praise Canton Village Quiltworks.



Gina said...

Stunning fabrics and great service. Sometimes it's best to phone and ask for help. Shops do try to be accomodating as good customer service is a great advertisement for them xx

Quilt Musings said...

The fabric is AWESOME and your quilt is going to be all kinds of spectacular! Just love helpful customer service, especially when one relies so heavily on online fabric shopping (one as in me haha)

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I have ordered a time or two from her too and always helpful - have fun with your quilt - I have no shop in a radius of 85 miles around me - every time a shop has come in it has gone out of business quickly - I don't know if they price things too high or what - last time one opened I was traveling and by time I got home it had already closed!(2 months)

Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl said...

I love it when a quilt shop has great customer service! The fabric selections they made are beautiful, and I look forward to seeing more of this quilt as it comes together. :)