Wednesday, December 24, 2014

My Wonderful Husband!!!

In the three years we've been driving to Florida, I wanted to go to a quilt shop in Dry Ridge, Kentucky. I read that it was one of the top ten-rated quilt shops in the country. We used GPS to find it one time. Tried to send us down a two track--pulling the trailer. We chose not to go that time.

The store is not open on Sundays, and closes at 4 on Saturdays. We always go thru town on the week end (easier driving thru Cincinnati and Atlanta on weekends) so could never connect. This time coming home, we were going thru town during the week, and he told me to call and get directions. Very cute shop.

I asked the owner how they happened to be rated. She said it was many years ago, and at that time, Fons and Porter traveled to different quilt shops, rating them. Rated this shop as #1 in the country! Gotta be a WOO HOO for them! Other shops were wondering how they got to be #1, and thought Fons and Porter should visit them. So now, stores have to write and apply to be rated.

This is the Quilt Box in Dry Ridge, Kentucky. You definitely need to get directions because it is really off the beaten path. A very long dirt road takes you back (about 1 mile?) to the shop.

Hubby just stood by while I picked things out.

I have an awesome husband!



Lorna McMahon said...

Hope you enjoyed your shopping trip, Lin. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

Liz said...

Sounds like a keeper!

Julie Fukuda said...

I wonder what my expectations would be for a #1 shop. I have been to Keepsake Quilters a few times and thought they were pretty good in selections of fabric and a shop in Sisters OR that seemed good too but I can only compare those with the tiny shops I find in Tokyo.