Friday, December 5, 2014

December Bee

Stephanie of Late Night Quilter requested Anna Maria Horner feathers for her bee blocks, and sent a pattern. I chose to do them with paper piecing. Sometimes paper piecing works wonderfully for me, but sometimes I struggle. Today, guess which one it was???? STRUGGLE!!

I can't remembr how many seams I had to remove because the fabric didn't cover the whole section, I didn't sew it on straight, I missed the side seam allowance, ...  Maybe I don't need to say how easily the paper came out, because I had sewn over the seams so many times.

They look like ties to me. I will be very interested to see this quilt completed.

with flash

without flash.

The display board is actually white, so I think "with flash" is truer color. Someone told me when I was starting out blogging to not use flash. Doesn't seem like such a good idea. 

Stephanie asked for brights, jewel tones, and a bit of white. I think I succeeded.



Judy@Quilt Paradigm said...

You may have struggled but your feathers look great! I have this pattern. . . I took one look at it and filed it away LOL Someday when I am feeling ambitious I will revisit it! It's in the same file as the Avatrix pattern! :)

Sarah Fredette said...

They look great! So the thing with flash - it depends on a whole lot of things, most importantly the color temperature of the light your in, and the color temperature of the flash itself. Also, how far away you, and a bunch of different settings on your camera. When it comes down to it though, you know your camera best. Do whatever you need to to take pictures you like. :D

Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl said...

Sorry to hear that you struggled with the piecing on this one - I can totally relate that some days with PP it is just that way (I always forget and pre-cut my printed fabric right side up instead of upside down the first time around... gah). I think this is going to come together and be a beautiful block!

ferrelli said...

I love it and can see myself trying this!

Shelley Folkerts said...

I like the coloring of your feathers. I have this pattern in my list to make as well.I am wanting to use my black and white scraps with bits of colors to make feathers.

Liz said...

Well, the colors you chose are beautiful! Sorry to read about the struggles you're having. I like the precision of paper piecing, but I hate the prep work and how wasteful it seems. Good luck finishing those beauties up!