Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Super Nova

My partner, Pam, will be happy to know that her blocks are DONE! They will be in the mail tomorrow! YAY!!

I have one block sitting on top of some others, because I have 10 and they don't fit on my design board. When we are done we will each have 12. We decided to go a little longer than the swap was planned for because we thought 10 was an awkward number. Pam made the hot colors, and I made the cool ones. I guess you know why I got the cool ones. I guess you can guess why she got the hot ones...

The block sitting on top has the cool wavy green print at the edges.

My golfing buddy was just here and she thought these were pretty cool looking blocks.

Now on to making my bee blocks.

So nice to be catching up.


1 comment:

Ruth said...

That looks great! love the colours going on. the hot/cool combo is gorgeous.