Monday, September 22, 2014

Back to Sewing.

Now that I have Celtic Solstice done, I am back to sewing. I'm behind in things. I didn't get my Supernova block to Pam in August, and now I'm late for September's too. I have August done, ready to start on Sept tonight.  I haven't done my blocks for the New Quilt Blogger's Bee. That's due by end of month, so I'm not late yet! Other things on the NEED to do list.

My daughter is not a blogger, and was reading mine. She said, you state you will respond to every comment, but there are none showing. I understand her confusion, I thought the same thing in the beginning. So I have changed my heading to comments. Now I'm stating I will reply by email.

I was asked for some pictures of the quilting on Celtic Solstice.

I used Glide thread in Military Gold. I love the way that turned out, and I love the texture on the quilt.
I've decided not to use Warm and Natural for quilts anymore. I will save that for little things I do, and use the Hobbs 80/20 and Hobbs wool battings for a while. They are on sale at Connecting Threads right now! Sales are good, right??


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Cheryl said...

Beautiful quilting, I love the metallic thread. I usually use Warm and Natural and have been wanting to try out wool. May I ask what about wool made you decide to switch?