Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sirius Radio

Of course the new car came with Sirius radio. I have had a subscription to Sirius for a few years and really like it. When I was working and driving all over, Sirius was handy because I didn't have to keep searching for a station to listen to. I was afraid I would miss the local news and weather, but I'm good with getting that other ways now.

The free trial the new car gets you includes internet radio, so I've got that going on my laptop and phone, and can now listen while I sew. It used to get just too quiet tucked away in my little room. (That makes it sound pitiful. Like I'm locked away in a garret. Of course it's not like that at all. And considering the messes I make, it's probably good I'm not where too many people see my room.

So maybe now, you'll hear me quilting along, belting out a song with the Beatles on Sixties on 6!


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